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Get in Touch with KTH!

Hello everybody and welcome to this new post! The application deadline is slowly approaching, and I remember having tons of questions at this time of the year while drafting my application! Therefore, I thought it could be interesting for you to read about the various ways to get in contact with KTH, ask questions, and learn somthing more about your programme and future university! Let’s find out more together.

Picture of KTH main courtyard from above
KTH is waiting for you! Submit your application by January 15, 2024

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are current students who represent KTH and their master’s programme to students around the world. Almost every programme at KTH has a student ambassador, who you can ask whatever kind of questions you may have! Student ambassadors are your peers, so you can really feel free to enquire on anything that comes through your mind: application tips, life in Stockholm, some specific course of your programme… they do an awesome job in helping you make the right choice, and constitute one of the pillars of KTH communication! I remember asking many questions to the student ambassadors of the programmes I was interested in, and their answer really helped me understand whether I was applying to the right Master or not. In case you are admitted to KTH, there will also be a time during Spring in which you can have a videocall with the student ambassador of your programme to have a face-to-face meeting!

You can find the student ambassador of your programme here, or you can also go to your programme page and then click on “Ask us about studies”, in the menu on the left. Definitely worth it!

Social Media Channels

Most of KTH social channels are managed by students, which makes it easier to interact with a peer and ask any kind of question!

Firstly, we are very active on Instagram, where Raf, D, Sara and Sanaa post daily on their student life at KTH. Instagram, just like our other social media channels, is an awesome place to interact with fellow students and ask them any kind of questions. We always commit to answering all your DMs and we are happy to help you when we can! It is also the perfect place if you want to be kept up to date with activities on campus or events where KTH plays a role.

Of course, we also have our awesome International Student Blog, which is also where you are reading this post. The blog is supposed to be complementary to Instagram: here, you will find longer posts with different information on student life at KTH from the international student perspective, and much more! You are welcome to subscribe to the blog (look on your right!) to receive an email for every new post. You can get in contact with us using the comment section down below; we’ll be happy to help!

We also have a Youtube channel where we mostly post past webinar registrations and content on specific courses and KTH Schools, as well as a Facebook and Linkedin page, where most of the institutional content is posted. If you fancy learning some Swedish, we also have a TikTok account targeted towards Swedish students 😁

Lastly, we are present on the main Chinese channels: Weibo and WeChat!

Institutional Channels

If you have more technical questions, maybe related to some bureaucratic aspects or application documents, you are always welcome to contact KTH general information email: They will be happy to help you or redirect your questions to the interested department!

Also, you can contact the programme coordinator of your programme directly by sending them an email. You will find their contact in the “Ask us about studies” page!

Finally, an awesome chance to gain more insights on KTH and have a chat with current students and personnel is to attend one of KTH webinars! All webinars are also recorded, but live participation is encouraged as you will be able to ask questions and have most of your doubts sorted out. Next webinar will be on December 7, and it will be on application insights! Be sure not to miss it, there will be plenty of valuable information 😉. You can register to the event here.

Picture of KTH architecture building
The beautiful architecture building at KTH main campus

That is all for today! I hope you found this post useful. Should you have any further questions, you can leave them in the comment section below and I’ll be happy to help you!

Before leaving, don’t forget to check out Sam’s last post on Christmas in Stockholm and Sai’s last post on student well-being at KTH, I am sure you’ll be inspired!

Have a nice week!

// Lorenzo