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KTH Application FAQ: 2024 Edition – part 2

Hello everybody and welcome to today’s post! Today, we are going to continue our FAQ on KTH application series! If you still haven’t read the first part I highly recommend you to do so! There is only one week left before the application closes, so let’s get started!

Picture of KTH main building during Autumn
Throwback to Autumn at KTH

What are the upcoming deadlines?

You will have to submit your application to University Admissions by January 15. This means that by January 15 you will have to choose and rank all the Master’s Programmes you want to apply to. However, you will have time to upload the so-called “supporting documentation” (English certificates, transcripts of records, and every other document you have to upload) until February 1. Time is ticking, but don’t panic!

What’s the acceptance rate of my programme?

To check out last year’s acceptance rate for the programmes you are interested in, simply go to the entry requirements section on the KTH website. Scroll down and you will find an “acceptance rate” section. Click on your programme to find out. But please: do not get discouraged! I was really scared by the low acceptance rate of my programme, but that shouldn’t stop you from applying. KTH application considers a lot of things along with your GPA, therefore you have no reason to be pessimistic! Who knows what the future holds?

Picture of Stockholm as seen from a boat in the harbour
I love the views you get to see when commuting in Stockholm

How is Winter in Stockholm?

We have talked extensively about the Swedish Winter on this blog. I will link a couple of my favourite posts! First, if you want to have a general introduction to what it means to spend a Winter in Scandinavia, I suggest you this post from last year. You can also check Sai’s post on the Swedish Winter from an Indian perspective as well as this post to see a couple of pictures of what Winter can look like here (spoiler alert: it’s b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!). It is often said that Winter in Sweden is long and dark, but that’s not entirely true: it is long, but you are not going to have 6 months of -20°C and complete darkness! Also, the days with the shortest daylight coincide with Christmas time – and Stockholm during Christmas is simply awesome! Check out this post by Sam on Christmas in Stockholm, as well as Sai’s post about this year’s Nobel Light Week to find out why!

Is it hard to find a student job in Stockholm?

Not so much! There are plenty of job opportunities for students, even if you don’t speak Swedish. The most common include sales assistant jobs (in the city centre), jobs at cafès and restaurants in touristic areas, part-time jobs with the university (teaching assistant, international student ambassador…) and deliveries jobs. However, you can also find a part-time job in the industry (especially if you study Engineering or IT), as well as tons of Summer internships and thesis work!

When should I start thinking about accommodation?

I suggest you don’t worry about accommodation right now, but only start to think about it after the application results have been announced (March 21). You’ll have plenty of time to deal with it, and we will write a lot of posts about it! Also, if you feel worried about rent cost, I suggest you give a look to last year’s cost of living posts. We will write updated versions this year!

Picture of a sunset on a lake
No filters needed – hopefully you’ll get to enjoy the Swedish nature soon!

As a EU student, do I pay any application fee?

No, you don’t pay any application fee. Also, education is free for its entire duration if you come from the EU.

How do I know my application has been received?

After having uploaded all your documents, you’ll receive a confirmation email from University Admissions. As the results announcement date approaches, you may also see your application status change (for instance, it may become “conditionally admitted”). We will make a post ad-hoc when March comes!

Picture of Kungsträdgården with snow
Kungsträdgården during Winter

That is all for today’s post! I hope you found it useful. Don’t forget that you have multiple ways to connect with KTH in case you have any questions. Also, feel free to check Sai’s last post on last minute advice for the application, as well as Sam’s post on New Year’s resolutions.

Thank you, and have a nice week!

// Lorenzo