I have been admitted to KTH. What should I be doing in April?

Still in the feels of your recent notification? If I were you, my answer would be yes! In my last post, I mentioned that I would inform you what exactly I did next after receiving the congratulatory message. Call-Up Week I remember after receiving my acceptance email, a few days later a student from KTH … Continue reading “I have been admitted to KTH. What should I be doing in April?”

Newly Admitted to KTH? Yasssssss!

Congratulations!!!!! The day we have all been waiting for is finally here!!! I can tell you that I know how you feel – on one hand, very excited to be accepted by such a prestigious university; on the other, the anxiety of the unknown future stares right back at you causing your heart to beat … Continue reading “Newly Admitted to KTH? Yasssssss!”

Nedräkningen har börjat

The countdown has begun. 3 days left for you to know your results if you decided to apply for a master’s program in Sweden! 2 years ago I was on your shoes and I had all of the emotions packed in one. I wanted to know if I had been accepted at KTH but at … Continue reading “Nedräkningen har börjat”

Why KTH?

So are planning to study at KTH and you don’t know if it would be a good decision for your professional life? Well, let me help you with that decision with the following information. Qualified as “very high” research output, the QS Top Universities ranking presented this year that KTH ranks 36 among the world’s … Continue reading “Why KTH?”

Arrival Day! Stockholm Student Arrival Service, August 2018

Whoop!Whoop!! Tomorrow begins the second set (for KTH)  of arrival days for incoming students for the Fall Semester. I am so excited for this as it brings to my mind many memories – my journey at KTH  begun on this second arrival day exactly a year ago. Furthermore, I am so happy to have been given the honour … Continue reading “Arrival Day! Stockholm Student Arrival Service, August 2018”

Swedish Resident Permit

Hi! I have been quite off the grid lately and now its time to blog. Today, I will be discussing the Swedish Resident Permit for studying in Sweden. So, if you’re a new admit at KTH, you might find this blog useful. Who needs a resident permit? The Swedish Migration Agency – Migrationsverket is responsible for … Continue reading “Swedish Resident Permit”