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KTH Innovation and Innovation Collide

Hej allihopa, it is Raygo here again! Have you ever thought of new ideas or plans you wanted to realize? As a curious person, I am always motivated to try new things and embrace new knowledge. Today, I want to show you around an event I recently attended: Innovation Collide, organized by KTH Innovation. Keep looking down if you are fascinated with innovative works and want to learn more about them in KTH!

Teams from Batches 15 and 16 in the pre-incubator programme assemble!

About KTH Innovation

KTH Innovation is the centre at KTH which offers opportunities for students, researchers, and employees to transform their ideas into reality. Tools such as coaching and funding are provided through different schemes to assist their ongoing work. One of the primary missions of KTH Innovation is to help develop entrepreneurship that positively impacts society.

Since its establishment in 2007, 4000 ideas of different scales have been supported by KTH Innovation. And within them, 300 companies have been founded and are still active today. Some of the most notable projects run by KTH Innovation, namely the KTH Innovation Award, the pre-incubator programme and ideation workshops, recognize and support various groups and individuals at KTH with new ideas and make them workable.

At the KTH Innovation Collide Venue

KTH Innovation Collide

On 14 February 2023, I attended the KTH Innovation Collide event at Teknikringen 1, the base and idea hub of KTH Innovation. The teams from batches 15 and 16 of the pre-incubator programme, which are developing their projects, have their booths set up and welcome everyone for the discussion and exchanging ideas.

Founders of Easy Exchange STAC with their presentation board

I took the chance and talked to one of the teams, “Easy Exchange STAC”, a platform to assist students who are intended to apply for exchange to find a programme that suits them the best simply by answering simple questions. With the introduction and guidance by one of the founders, I learned more about their system and was genuinely impressed by their developed plan. As I also had the experience of going through the processes of applying to exchange programmes. It is undoubtedly time-consuming as one has to research and visit different websites of the target universities and schools alone. With STAC, this has become handy and accessible for students when making their applications.

The innovation studios at Teknikringen 1

During the activity, I also visited some facilities of KTH Innovation at Teknikringen 1. For instance, there are several “innovation studios” on the first floor where groups from the pre-incubator programme may use the space to develop plans or meet up with their coaches. Moreover, areas are available for people seeking buddies for their start-ups to post and leave their contacts.

Matching area for teams to find those who share similar ideas and form their start-ups

In general, I enjoyed the event as it offered a great chance to mingle with talents and great minds from different fields, and I learnt a lot through reading about their stories and talking to them. In addition, it helps stimulate my design thinking as it is inspiring to see how the groups turned their sparkles of ideas into concrete plans through steps.

This awesome neon sign is a new inclusion at Teknikringen 1

So that’s all for today! As Spring approaches, we will have more posts covering the new seasons and different activities at KTH and in Stockholm. Meanwhile, remember to check out Lorenzo’s post about his list of budget activities and Martyna’s ideas about internships. Vi ses!