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The KTH Innovation pre-incubator program

Are you a student, researcher or employee at KTH with a startup or research utilization project that you want to be ready to launch in a year? Then the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program is the place for you!

Anna Zakipour and Filip Reineby sitting at a table looking at a phone

Twelve months of development

Interested in joining the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program?

The application period to the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program will open in January 2021. Sign up and we'll send you a reminder when it's time to apply. 

The KTH Innovation pre-incubator program is a 12 month program to accelerate the development of promising startup projects from KTH. The program will ask a lot of you, but in return, we’ll give you all it takes to get you as far as possible. When you present your project at Demo Day in a year, you won't believe how far you've come.

Join the community

Gabiella Dalman sitting in a staircase

Being part of the program has been a lot of fun, If we hadn’t had the weekly meetings we wouldn't have come as far as we have. It really motivates you to see others succeed, and it's really nice to work alongside other teams. You can ask questions or just brainstorm an idea.

- Gabriella Dalman, KTH Student and co-founder of Voyley, Batch 11

The teams in the program get access to KTH Innovation’s co-working space on Teknikringen 1. Here, at the center of innovation at KTH, you’ll develop side by side with others working to bring their own projects to life. Every week, you'll meet over lunch to take part in our tailor made online workshop program. You get higher priority from the KTH Innovation team and access to our network. Together with the almost 200 alumni projects, the teams in the program form a supportive community.

Over 80% of the teams in the program finish it successfully, and we’re proud that many of our teams and alumni are creating impact around the world.

Who can apply?

All teams formed by students, researchers and employees at KTH can apply to the program. You have started developing your idea, and you are ready to work towards launching on the market in a year or two. 

The program and Covid-19

All events and workshops are currently digital. Our co-working space and offices at Teknikringen 1 are open but with some restrictions. We follow the recommendations from the Public Health Agency and the guidelines from KTH

How it works

We have developed a structured and proven process to give your project the optimal conditions to succeed. Read more about the program here.

Frequently asked questions


These are some of the almost 200 alumni teams of the pre-incubator program. 


Batch 0

Ultra-secure cloud storage with AI-empowered interface.


Batch 0

Digitalizing high-stakes exams and academic tests.


Batch 5

The digital dietician. Meet a dietician online and change your lifestyle.


Batch 6

A smart ecosystem and indoor garden based on aquaponics.


Batch 7

Real-time custom made cosmetics, starting with customized lipsticks.


Batch 1

Saving lives with digital solutions in special vehicles for your safety.


Batch 3

Renewable nanomaterials based on forest resources.


Batch 0

Keep track of you households’ energy behavior.

Help to Help

Batch 0

Crowdfunding higher education for students in East Africa.


Batch 5

Design tools for high-performance metallic materials.


Batch 5

imagiCase teaches young girls to code through self-expression. 


Batch 6

An open and transparent marketplace for invoices/factoring.


Batch 8

Reducing CO2e emissions from food by climate labeling meals.


Batch 8

Helps university students through tough exam periods.


Batch 6

Intelligent, non-invasive water meter system for residential properties.

Lokatt Helmets

Batch 8

The world's most sustainable ski helmet, made from plants. 

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