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How it works

The KTH Innovation pre-incubator prgram is for innovative and tech-based start-ups with a core team of current KTH-researchers, employees or students.

You and your project should have the ambition and potential to become a company with a scalable revenue potential. You should be ready for accelerated development, meaning that there should be some initial technology development in place and an initial market analysis conducted to verify the potential. Ideally, there is also an initial team in place, but the team can also be built along the way. 

How does it work?

Two times per year, after application to the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program, KTH Innovation accepts a new batch of around fifteen projects. The projects in each batch will take part in weekly meetings and discussions together during one year. Selection is done according to defined criteria– where KTH Innovation looks at the potential of both the business idea and the team.

Read more about criteria here (docx 70 kB)

KTH Innovation works according to a structured process with coaching, trainings, regular meetings and peer-to-peer discussions. Additionally KTH Innovation has developed tailored workshops serving you with condense, important information on key areas such as IP/legal/patents, funding, sales, and more.

The program is 12 months long and is divided into three phases of four months each. After each phase we hold evaluation sessions where you pitch your idea to assess your progress towards your set goals. To continue the program, you need to be accepted to the next phase. 

What do we expect from you?

The KTH Innovation pre-incubator program is free of charge and KTH Innovation does not take equity. Everyone in the program will need to sign confidentiality agreements.

We also expect the following from you:

  • Participation: we expect you to be present during weekly meetings, workshops etc.
  • Progress: you need to advance on your goals and milestones.
  • Paying it forward: we expect you to help others in the pre-incubator. They will in turn help you.

What you get

Individual and group coaching

Accepted projects get individual and group coaching. You also get access to KTH Innovation's network and support in questions surrounding contracts and agreements. Everyone in the program will sign confidentiality agreements.

Lunch workshops every week

Together with the other projects in your batch, you’ll meet over lunch one hour a week, to take part in practical workshops on topics that accelerate the development of your idea and advances your knowledge of entrepreneurship and business development. In the batch meetings, we discuss topics such as pitch and presentation, intellectual property and ownership, talking to customers, developing your business model, and much more.

24/7 office space

All projects in the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program get access to free, 24/7 office space in KTH Innovation's premises on Teknikringen 1 on Campus. Here you can gather your team and focus on your project. KTH Innovation sits nearby and you’ll get higher priority for your questions. There’s coffee and you’ll have access to booking meeting rooms. Regardless if you’re a researcher, student or employee at KTH, having a place to meet helps you separate your project from your work, research or studies.

Pitch for investment from KTH Holding

All projects that get through to the third phase of the program will be invited to pitch for an investment of 250 000 SEK from KTH Holding .

A supportive community

Together with the other teams in the program, you’ll form a supportive community, where you can share your challenges and successes. We organize regular community events, like inspirational lunch lectures, after works and creative workshops. We want everyone to feel like a part of the community and to learn something, no matter your background or previous knowledge of entrepreneurship.

In the KTH Innovation community everyone’s welcome. We hold diversity and equality close to heart and we work hard to make everyone feel like home.

Offers from our partners

You’ll also get access to exclusive offers from our partners, like Amazon Web Services and Stripe .

Do you have a question about the KTH innovation pre-incubator program or our support? Email us at