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Three students, Gabriella Dalman, Julia Huang och Daniel Peng working at a table

Welcome to KTH Innovation

At KTH, students, researchers and employees from all over the world develop innovative solutions to humanity's challenges. With support from KTH Innovation their ideas get the best possible conditions to succeed. Together, we create opportunities for new technology to come society to use and create impact for a better future for all.

Coach Gustav Notander talks to a female, unidentified idea owner

Start developing your idea

Do you have an idea or a research result you think could create impact in society? We'd love to hear about it! If you're a student, researcher or employee at KTH, send us a description of your idea and we'll get in touch. Our support is free and confidential and you don't need to apply to get started. 


A drawing of a blue hand reaching into a molecular structure

She designs new materials on an atomic level

By using quantum mechanical modelling, KTH Researcher Raquel Lizárraga can help companies to cut years and millions from the development of new materi...

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Nikolaos Kalkitsas on stage. He holds a microphone and is lit up by the screen behind him.
Nikolaos Kalkitsas presenting Royal Schedule at Demo Day for Batch 8 in the KTH Innovation pre-incubatator program.

4 million in external funding for KTH-startup Royal Schedule

A PhD student and a Master's student teamed up to start Royal Schedule. Now, they've secured SEK 4 million in external funding for their solution to a...

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Daniel Peng, Gabriella Dalman and Julia Huang standing in front of a window

Building the go to platform for train travel

Meet the KTH students who will make booking a train journey through Europe as easy as booking a flight online. They are launching Voyley, with their s...

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Innovation from KTH

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We're always interested in hearing about your ideas or research. Booking a first meeting with us is easy.

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Want to join a startup or one of our networks? There are many ways to contribute to innovation projects from KTH.

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Do you have questions about patents, startups from KTH, or something else entirely? You can always reach out to us.