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KTH Innovation

Three students, Gabriella Dalman, Julia Huang och Daniel Peng working at a table

Welcome to KTH Innovation

At KTH, students, researchers and employees from all over the world develop innovative solutions to humanity's challenges. With support from KTH Innovation their ideas get the best possible conditions to succeed. Together, we create opportunities for new technology to come society to use and create impact for a better future for all.

Welcome to Teknikringen 1!

The doors to KTH Innovation's premises at Teknikringen 1 are now open! This is the place to be if you’re interested in innovation and entrepreneurship at KTH. Have an idea you want to develop? Just grab a chair and get to work! Meet with KTH Innovation and connect with the innovation community. Welcome!

The doors are open weekdays between 07.30-16.30. 

Win 50 000 SEK in Future Campus Challenge

Come up with an idea and help us create a better campus! KTH Innovation and Akademiska Hus invite everyone at KTH to participate in Future Campus Challenge, a competition for new ideas and research that can create a better campus for everyone after the pandemic.


Three happy people at a table
At Teknikringen 1, there is plenty of space for those who want to develop an idea or create impact with their research to sit down and start working.

New hot spot for innovation at KTH

The doors to the new meeting place for innovation and entrepreneurship at KTH are open! Here at Teknikringen 1, home to KTH Innovation, people from al...

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Safae Berrahmoune and Hiba Adem
KTH students Safae Berrahmoune and Hiba Adem are the founders of DYAMO. In July, they won one million SEK in investment in Breakit's competition SHIFT.

Mentorship motivating students

In July, KTH students Hiba Adem and Safae Berrahmoune won one million SEK in investment. Now, they launch their mentor app DYAMO to get more students ...

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Álvaro Morales López holding up a 3D-printed scaffold, a white, plastic net.
The core of their innovation is 3D printed scaffolds for soft tissue engineering. In the future, these scaffolds are meant to be implanted in the body help it heal itself. Photo: Patrik Lundmark

They want to help the body rebuild itself

Imagine a world where your body can regenerate itself. That is the vision of Akira Science, a spinoff founded by a group of researchers at KTH and San...

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