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  • Flexpenser wants to end the waste of liquids

    Amin Kazemzadeh, Giulia Gaudenzi and Sara Jonegård
    Amin Kazemzadeh, Giulia Gaudenzi and Sara Jonegård during KTH Innovation Demo Day
    Published Jan 19, 2021

    Bad packaging means millions of tons of liquids is thrown away every year. KTH researcher Amin Kazemzadeh came up with a solution to end liquid waste ...

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  • Five startups in European collaboration for urban mobility

    A collage featuring the EIT logo and the text "Welcome Batch 2. Our accelerator program awaits you"
    Published Jan 12, 2021

    Increased road safety, more efficient transport planning, and decreased CO2 emissions. KTH Innovation welcomes five startups to the EIT Urban Mobility...

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  • KTH Innovation celebrates 3000 ideas

    Fireworks over KTH Campus.
    Published Dec 16, 2020

    Over 3000 ideas have been brought to KTH Innovation since the start in 2007. Now we want to pay tribute to all those who have taken the first step and...

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  • The digital Brighter program visited five countries

    Lisa Bäckman looking up at the houses on a New York street with a KTH tote bag on her arm.
    Last year, the Brighter program visited New York, Boston and Munich. This year, the program was fully digital and visited five cities over the course of four weeks.
    Published Dec 01, 2020

    For the first time, KTH Innovation ran a fully digital version of the Brighter program, with double the number of participants and in more countries t...

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  • Seventeen new teams join the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program

    Collage of selfies of the teams in Batch 12
    Published Nov 12, 2020

    KTH Innovation welcomes 17 new teams to the pre-incubator program, the program where successful startups like Airmee, Degoo and Challengermode have st...

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  • One billion SEK in continued funding – small grants with large effects

    A woman and a man sitting at a table, and another woman standing behind them.
    One of the projects that have received funding within the VFT program is Addressya, giving 4 billion people an address.
    Published Nov 11, 2020

    Startup and commercialization projects from KTH have been able on to secure over 1 billion SEK in follow-on commercial funding after having received g...

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  • KTH researcher Elaheh Etemadi got an industry mentor

    Portrait of Elaheh Etemadi
    Elaheh Etemadi got a mentor in KTH Innovation's mentor program
    Published Nov 05, 2020

    Hi Elaheh Etemadi! You’re a PhD student at the Department of Solid Mechanics at KTH. This spring, you got a mentor to develop your commercialization p...

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  • KTH Innovation launches new mentor program for researchers

    Portrait of Elaheh Etemadi
    Elaheh Etemadi, PhD student at the Department of Solid Mechanics got a mentor through KTH Innovation.
    Published Oct 29, 2020

    In the program, KTH Innovation will match KTH researchers and employees with experienced business mentors, who will bring new perspectives on research...

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  • She designs new materials on an atomic level

    A drawing of a blue hand reaching into a molecular structure
    Published Oct 06, 2020

    By using quantum mechanical modelling, KTH Researcher Raquel Lizárraga can help companies to cut years and millions from the development of new materi...

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  • 4 million in external funding for KTH-startup Royal Schedule

    Nikolaos Kalkitsas on stage. He holds a microphone and is lit up by the screen behind him.
    Nikolaos Kalkitsas presenting Royal Schedule at Demo Day for Batch 8 in the KTH Innovation pre-incubatator program.
    Published Oct 02, 2020

    A PhD student and a Master's student teamed up to start Royal Schedule. Now, they've secured SEK 4 million in external funding for their solution to a...

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  • Building the go to platform for train travel

    Daniel Peng, Gabriella Dalman and Julia Huang standing in front of a window
    Published Sep 25, 2020

    Meet the KTH students who will make booking a train journey through Europe as easy as booking a flight online. They are launching Voyley, with their s...

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  • Millions invested in startups from KTH

    Oscar Örnberg to the left and Vahan Petrosyan to the right, standing in front of a red brick wall.
    SuperAnnotate secured 30 MSEK in investment. CTO Vahan Petrosyan created the algorithms underpinning their image annotation systems while completing his Ph.D. at KTH.
    Published Jun 17, 2020

    Startups and spinoffs from KTH have secured over 150 million SEK in funding and investment this spring. From the world's fastest image annotation syst...

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  • Your accommodation all in one place

    A computer showing Atlas's website standing on a wooden table.
    Published Jun 17, 2020

    Hi Filip Schröder! You've studied Property Development and Agency at KTH, and you have co-founded Atlas, a property management platform that aims to m...

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  • They create new jobs

    A full train cart, where you see the legs and feet of the passengers. Three people are in focus; one with black pants and birkenstock, one with jean shorts and sneakers and one with jeans and loafers. The sun shines in from the left.
    Published Jun 09, 2020

    The rising unemployment caused by the spread of Covid-19 does not only call for rescue plans, but also increases the need for new job opportunities. T...

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  • They help students stay motivated

    A meeting room. Mattias Bergström, a young man i a red shirt is holding a presentation pointing at a whiteboard. Five people are sitting around a table listening. One guy is leanign against the window sill.
    Meeting in the Studyguide team. Photo from Studyguide's Instagram account @studyguidese.
    Published May 29, 2020

    Hi Mattias Bergström! You're a student at KTH and have also co-founded Studyguide with the mission to help parents become great study coaches for thei...

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  • They help athletes secure sponsorship deals

    Wilhelm Kark, a young man, sails a laser, a type of sailboat. He leans backwards dressed in a wetsuit and cap. In the background you can see the ocean and several other sailboats.
    Published May 25, 2020

    Hi Wilhelm Kark! You're a world championship sailor and also are one of the co-founders of KTH startup Netspons, connecting athletes with sponsors. Te...

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  • Remote clinical research with care for sensitive data

    Ett konferensrum där två män och en kvinna sitter vid ett avlångt bord och lyssnar på en ung man som håller en presentation framför en skärm. På skärmen anas en bild av en medelålders man och en äldre kvinna.
    Stéfan presenting Sensivo during a trip to Boston in the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program.
    Published May 20, 2020

    Hi Stéfan Stéfansson! You are one of the founders of Sensivo, on a mission to help researchers handle sensitive data when working remotely. Tell us mo...

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  • Putting a stop to cows' emissions

    Two conical flasks and a petri dish containing a liquid where the red algae is suspended. In the foreground, a tube runs through the picture.
    This is the algae that can reduce cows' greenhouse gas emissions.
    Published May 19, 2020

    Hi Leo Wezelius! You're one of the founders of KTH startup Volta Greentech, that want to use algae to reduce cows' greenhouse gas emissions.

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  • Another win for jaundice meter from KTH

    The Jaisy team. Huseyin Aytug in a blue suit and glasses; Hasan Basri Celebi in a brown jacket and glasses; & Murat Cetiner in a red shirt and glasses. All three smile for the camera. In the background is a wood-paneled wall, a green plant and a TV-screen.
    The Jaisy team won this year's Impact Maker in the Venture Cup region east finale. From the left: Huseyin Aytug, Hasan Basri Celebi, & Murat Cetiner.
    Published May 12, 2020

    “With their innovation, anyone can save lives”. KTH startup Jaisy won this year’s Impact Maker in the Venture Cup Regional Finale East.

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  • Together we can find solutions for covid-19

    Published Apr 02, 2020

    Do you want to work together with thousands of others to find new solutions to the challenges facing our society in the wake of the spread of covid-19...

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