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Karin and Edka found a degree project at KTH Innovation

Portrait of Karin Bodin and Edka Coronado Omana
Karin Bodin and Edka Coronado Omana dream of designing products that support people in their everyday life and contribute to a better future for everyone. This semester, they are doing their degree project with the startup Rebaba.
Published Mar 08, 2024

Karin Bodin and Edka Coronado Omana are studying a master's degree in Integrated Product Design at KTH. By posting on a notice board at KTH Innovation, they got in touch with Rebaba, a startup creating a new second life battery energy storage system, founded by two KTH students.

Karin Bodin and Edka Coronado Omana in front of a notice board.
On this notice board at Teknikringen 1, Edka posted a note about looking for a degree project. A few weeks later, Paula and Felix from KTH startup Rebaba reached out.

It was in December 2023 that Edka visited the event KTH Innovation Collide . At the event, she noticed a bulletin board where you can put up a note if you want to help someone or get help with something.  

"Karin and I were looking for a degree project, but it wasn't easy to get in contact with big companies," Edka says. "At Collide, I saw the notice board and thought “I'll give it a try”. I didn’t really believe that anything would come of it, but a few weeks later Paula and Felix got in touch! 

Degree project underway

The match was successful and since a few weeks back Karin and Edka have been doing their thesis project at Rebaba.  

"We thought the company and the product sounded exciting. In our project, we will develop a design proposal to improve the ergonomics and user experience of battery storage," Karin explains.  

Paula Runsten and Felix kruse started developing their idea while studying at Lund University. Now they are taking courses at KTH while getting support from KTH Innovation. 

"Working with Paula and Felix has been great," says Edka. "We didn't know a lot about their field before, but that's always been the case in school projects as well. You always learn about the products you’re working with as you go along. 

Waiting for that big idea

During their time at KTH, both Karin and Edka have heard about KTH Innovation, but they haven’t tried developing their own ideas.  

"We have worked on different ideas in innovation courses, but haven’t taken them any further. I think we and many others are waiting for “that one big idea”," says Edka.  

"It feels like a big step to bring your own idea. Like it has to be perfect, and it has to go well, otherwise you are a failure," says Karin. "It would probably have helped if the teachers had encouraged us more to continue developing our projects. “ 

No idea is born perfect

Portrait of Eva Sandström Halén
Eva Sandström Halén is a business development coach at KTH Innovation. She is a KTH alum and has previously been CEO of both large companies and startups.

KTH Innovation meets over 400 teams with new ideas every year. About 15% of all ideas eventually become a product or service on the market. The rest of the teams stop along the way for a number of different reasons, like a lack of time or that the idea didn’t meet a sufficiently large need for the future users. Many come back and try again with a new idea. 

"We want as many people as possible to try developing an idea during their time at KTH," says Eva Sandström Halén, business development coach at KTH Innovation. "If you wait for that big idea to pop up, you often wait in vain. You have to spend time coming up with an idea and I think people underestimate what we call "iterating" or "pivoting", i.e. that an idea often needs to be developed in many steps. No idea is "born" perfect. It's also a great first step to do what Karin and Edka did: meet someone else who has an idea!  

Keep developing solutions with the user in focus

After graduating from KTH, Karin and Edka want to continue developing solutions with the user in focus.  

"We dream of designing products that support people in their everyday life and contribute to a better future for everyone," says Karin. Right now we are looking for interesting opportunities after graduation!

Text: Lisa Bäckman

Don't have an idea of your own but are curious about innovation? Here are some things you can do!  

  • Visit Teknikringen 1 and see what notes are on the notice board right now! You will find it on the left inside the door.  

  • Don't wait for the perfect idea to pop up! Get together with some friends and brainstorm problems that you would like to solve. If you come up with an idea, you can always contact us at KTH Innovation !  

  • Come to the next KTH Innovation Collide ! On May 14, we will open the doors for everyone who is curious about innovation again. Here you can meet startups from KTH, get to know new people and enjoy snacks and drinks. Sign up!

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