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KTH Innovation & Stockholms Grosshandelssocietet Entrepreneurship scholarship

A scholarship of SEK 100,000 for young, entrepreneurial individuals from KTH. The scholarship is awarded by Stockholms Grosshandelssocietetet.

KTH campus

A scholarship to further support and promote young entrepreneurial individuals

To further promote and encourage young individuals to continue their entrepreneurial journey, Stockholms Grosshandelssocietet and KTH Innovation are awarding a scholarship to students who demonstrate a strong drive, commitment and entrepreneurial spirit.


The scholarship can be awarded to people who meet the following criteria:

  • Studying at bachelor, master or doctoral level at KTH and running a project developed in the KTH Innovation process.
  • Between 18-29 years old.
  • Have during their time in the KTH Innovation process demonstrated a strong drive, commitment and entrepreneurial spirit, in good times and bad.
  • Have reached KTH Innovation Readiness Level 5 or higher in the majority (at least four) of the six areas included (Technology Readiness Level, Customer Readiness Level, Team Readiness Level, Business Model Readiness Level, IPR Readiness Level, Funding Readiness Level).

Selection process

  • Selection and awarding of the scholarship takes place during the spring semester.
  • KTH Innovation selects two entrepreneurial projects from our process that have been reached KTH IRL level 5 or higher, and are run by students or doctoral students at KTH, who show particular commitment and entrepreneurial ability.
  • The two entrepreneurship projects will then give a presentation to the Board Stockholm's Borgerskap, which then decides who will be awarded the scholarship. The entrepreneurial skills of the project owners are primarily assessed.
  • Scholarship recipients must be able to attend the annual meeting of Stockholm's Borgerskap, which takes place in the spring, and present their business idea.
  • The grant is awarded to the person(s) behind the project.


Contact Program and Community Manager Cecilia Bisgaard at