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New collaboration creates international opportunities for KTH startups

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Published Oct 06, 2023

KTH Innovation initiates a collaboration with the Grosshandelssocieteten foundation within Stockholm's Borgerskap. By offering travel scholarships, we aim to create opportunities for more teams to test their ideas on the global market. In a few weeks, nine KTH startups will take their first steps towards internationalization in Silicon Valley or Munich.

In 2013, KTH Innovation started the Brighter program, an inspiration and internationalization initiative in which promising entrepreneurs from KTH travel to a global innovation hub to strengthen their entrepreneurial abilities and potential for developing their ideas in international markets. Among the program's alumni are successful companies such as Greenely, Capitainer, and Imagi.

This year, the program will visit Silicon Valley and Munich, and nine teams have been selected to participate. While KTH Innovation covers the costs of the program and accommodation, the participants are responsible for their own travel expenses.

To provide more aspiring entrepreneurs with the opportunity to participate in the program, KTH Innovation has initiated a scholarship collaboration with Shipowners and wholesalers (Stockholms Grosshandelssocietet och Skeppsrederierna) a part of the association of merchant and craftsmen guilds in Stockholm (Stockholms Borgerskap) .

Grosshandelssocieteten within Stockholms Borgerskap. Ten participants in this year's program will receive a travel scholarship of 15,000 Swedish Crowns.

- By offering travel grants, we ensure that the most promising and relevant ideas can participate in the program, regardless of the founders' financial conditions, says Viktor Olsson, Internationalization Lead at KTH Innovation. This builds a strong foundation for the future and reinforces Stockholm's position as an excellent entrepreneurial city.

The participants are nominated by a committee at KTH Innovation and then selected by Grosshandelssocieteten to receive the scholarships.

- Internationalization is crucial for Swedish entrepreneurs to remain competitive in the future, and we at Grosshandelssocieteten are delighted to collaborate with KTH and create yet another way to support entrepreneurship in Stockholm, says Tommy Adamsson, Chairman of the Board of Grosshandelssocieteten.

The teams in the 2023 Brighter Program

Akira Science

Silicon Valley

Akira Science's mission is to remove the negative side effects of breast cancer surgery by providing a new solution to regenerate breast tissue in situ. Akira's team has developed a degradable polymer compatible with existing 3D-printing technologies. By fostering natural breast regeneration, they will help healthcare organizations save resources and reduce the physical and mental pain of patients with breast cancer. 

FLOX Robotics

Silicon Valley

FLOX Robotics reimagines landscapes where humans and wildlife thrive together. Transforming human-wildlife conflicts into coexistence, they design, develop and deploy autonomous cutting-edge technologies for Wildlife management as a Service (WMaaS) to keep wild animals away from areas where they are not supposed to be.


Silicon Valley

Founded by researchers from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Karolinska Institutet and University of Cologne, Magnephy analyzes kidney pathology at the nano-scale with 3D microscopy. Their microscopy service uses AI analysis for fast, automated, and quantitative 3D kidney pathology at the nano-scale to improve pharmaceutical development and diagnostics.

Rizer Biotech

Silicon Valley

Rizer Biotech develops a novel measurement technique called STARSS, which is able to study interactions between important biomolecules inside living cells. With their new technology, they aim to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry and research methodology, address global problems such as antibiotic resistance as well as to contribute to the development of new treatments for neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, and other life-threatening conditions.

Scaleup Robotics

Silicon Valley

Scaleup Robotics enable their customers to access an online learning and experimentation platform that allows everyone to control and program real robot arms over the internet using a robotics-as-a-service approach. Their infrastructure allows for exploration, research and training of the next generation of knowledgeable citizens to navigate and shape the current technological transformation towards an AI and robotics-driven society.



Fleetm8 develops intelligent solutions that bridge ports, ships and people through streamlined communication. Their digital ecosystem is tailored for the maritime industry and transforms daily routines into valuable analytics. Communicating reliability and performance has never been easier.



Based on decades worth of world leading KTH research into nano structuring of lithium-niobite, Linpha develops components for next-generation photonic integrated chips. Their technology promises to speed up fiber optical communication while at the same time saving massive amounts of energy compared to the current state of the art. This matters, since IP traffic represents one percent of the global energy consumption. Linpha’s long term goal is to build a full supply chain for this technology in Europe and to enable widespread and affordable deployment of photonics solutions in ultracompact and ruggedized LN chip formats for coherent ultrafast signal processing.



Lynxwork unifies your management system, software tools, and data models for quick, reliable access to the information at the source. With Lynxwork, you can enjoy aligned processes, consistent data, and real-time monitoring. Simplified connector creation enhances data integrity.

Southern Lights


Southern Lights is a Swedish climate startup doing B2B SaaS to accelerate green hydrogen development by helping energy companies increase productivity and competitiveness while de-risking their projects and reducing costs and time in their development. They digitize engineering design, project optimization and otherwise expensive consultancies and human hours in an exponentially growing billion-dollar industry urgently needed to decarbonize the global economy.

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Last changed: Oct 06, 2023