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15 new teams enter the pre-incubator program

En kvinna tar en selfie med en man och en annan kvinna
Yanmiao Fan, a researcher at the KTH Department of Fiber and Polymer Technology has teamed up with KTH alumnus Yizhou Zhang to launch Vasol Tech, a solar power unit with innovative design. Here seen taking a selfie with their business development coach Eva Halén.
Published Apr 18, 2024

Fifteen new teams have started their year in the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program. From a marketplace for recycled building materials to the treatment of autoimmune diseases: here is Batch 19!

In the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program, promising startup projects receive extra one year of extra support with the goal of launching their first product or service on the market. Among the program's nearly 300 alumni teams are startups like Flox, Digiexam and Greenely. Now the nineteenth round of the program starts, with fifteen new teams founded by students and researchers at KTH.

"It is with great anticipation and enthusiasm that we are now launching Batch 19 of the pre-incubator program! The teams in Batch 19 represent the fantastic breadth of innovation and ideas that exist at KTH. I really look forward to being part of their journey in the coming months" says Cecilia Bisgaard, Program and Community Manager at KTH Innovation.

Two men sit at a table and a woman is standing behind them.
KTH students Hans Haraldsson, Jan Haraldsson and Jennifer Chienh have founded Wevalue.

Over the coming year, the teams in the program will take part in workshops on all different aspects of business development, get office space at Teknikringen 1, access to makerspace and production studio, and form a creative community to support each other through ups and downs.

One of the teams accepted into the programme is Wevalue, aimong to unleash every property's full potential. Wevalue was founded by three KTH students: Hans Haraldsson, Jan Haraldsson and Jennifer Chienh. Hans and Jan study Industrial engineering and management and Jennifer Chienh studies Civil Engineering and Urban Management at KTH.

"We are grateful for this opportunity," says Jennifer Chienh. "This is an important milestone for us."

Text: Lisa Bäckman 

Meet the teams in Batch 19


Plan and make your trip accessible and share your tips with your community.


Developing ultra-efficient lubricants based on ionic material technology that can enhance machinery performance and life beyond conventional expectations.

Axon Motion

Customers in the home simulator market want a product with the motion range to deliver a fun and realistic driving experience. By redefining the conventional construction of compact motion simulators, Axon Motion have created a product that has the potential of becoming market leading in terms of realism and fun factor.

Drones at Work

Monitoring, consulting, and training services based on drones and data processing to enable farmers, breeders, and forest owners to assess, predict, and prevent damages caused by pests and pathogens.

FoodMatch Solutions

Solving the mismatch between production and consumption - connect verified buyers and sellers for surplus food effortlessly through our digital platform.

Historical Parts

An AI powered platform to connect architects, buyers and sellers with reusable building components, streamlining discovery and integration.

IAS Interdisciplinary Lens Analysis

IAS is a compact research-based tool for urban analysis designed for architects, urban designers, and researchers. Combining theory and practice to provide social sustainability.


AI interview copilot, device independent. Hire with the support of objective data and get insights on recruiter bias to promote awareness.


Creating tools for teachers to automate their administrative tasks.


MINDPLEX is an AI platform designed to automate the making of study material, such as flashcards and tests, as well as enhancing the users study techniques and learning journey through guided AI tutoring.


Naha eliminates the need for fast fashion by offering consumers a fast, reliable and convenient way to shop sustainably.


SLEdgeHammer is developing a novel drug candidate for treating autoimmune diseases, such as the chronic autoimmune disease Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, SLE. By modulating two signaling pathways by one molecule, they aim to break the vicious autoimmunity cycle of the disease.


Teezmo aims to revolutionize orthodontics with AI. Technology meets artistry to craft your perfect smile.

Vasol Tech

A solar power unit that users can install easily and safely by themselves. With “SoLink”, an innovative design system, users can also connect multiple units and build their own solar nanogrid system.


Wevalue aims to revolutionize Swedish real estate valuations with data-driven insights, providing buyers, sellers, and brokers with fast, fair, and transparent market assessments. Their model offers sustainable insights and revenue optimization, ensuring every stakeholder benefits from enhanced market efficiency and informed decision-making.

Read more about the teams

About the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program

The KTH Innovation pre-incubator program is a 12-month program for promising startup projects from KTH. We welcome new teams into the program twice a year. Around 10% of all ideas that KTH Innovation supports go to the pre-incubator program.

In addition to business development support from KTH Innovation, the teams in the program get access to offices and meeting rooms in KTH Innovation's premises at Teknikringen 1. Every week, they meet over lunch and take part in a tailor-made workshop program.

They also get access to our makerspace and production studio. Together with the program's over 250 alumni projects, they form a supportive community, growing and developing together.

Participants in the program also get an opportunity to get an experienced mentor via KTH Innovation's mentor program, and to pitch for a SEK 250,000 in investment from KTH Holding AB.

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Last changed: Apr 18, 2024