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Start developing your idea

Do you have an idea you want to develop or do you want to create impact from your research? KTH Innovation's support is open to all students, researchers and employees at KTH. Welcome!

Bring your idea to life

The only thing you need to get started is an idea or a research result you think could create impact. We're always interested in hearing about new technology from KTH. Together, we can create solutions for a better future.

Have an idea?

Fill out a simple form with a short description of you and your idea, and we'll connect you to one of our business development coaches. 

You don't have to apply for our support. Get in touch and we'll book a meeting!

Test your idea

We know that talking about your ideas can be daunting. You're always welcome to come meet with us, but if you want to think through your idea a little bit before sharing, you should go through our idea guide!

Who can get support from KTH Innovation?

KTH Innovation's support is open to current students, researchers and employees at KTH

What can we help you with?

KTH Innovation helps you go from idea to innovation. Our free support covers coaching, patents and IPR, building a strong team and attracting funding in the earliest stages. 

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What others say

A hand holding an AA batteri with SKOPAS written on the side

"When someone asks you the right questions, you start formulating your thoughts in new ways. By talking to our coach Daniel and to potential customers we have learned a lot about where we should put our focus."

- Natalia Skorodumova, KTH Professor and founder of SKOPAS

Ellure lipsticks in pink colors lying on a pink background

KTH Innovation has been our supporter from day one. We were welcomed with open arms when all we had was a crazy idea and a vision to 3D print lipsticks. From the start, we were encouranged to test our idea in real life.

- Jasmin Sabir, KTH alum and co-founder of Ellure