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KTH Innovation's support

The only thing you need to get started is an idea or a research result you think could create impact. You don't need to apply. We're always interested in hearing about new technology from KTH. Together, we can create solutions for a better future.

a photo of Malin Cronqvist

The concrete and constructive feedback we got and the fact that the coaches really cared about us was invaluable. Without KTH Innovation, we wouldn't be where we are today. 

- Malin Cronqvist, KTH alum and founder of Help to Help

For advanced research and new ideas

Since the start in 2007, we have supported thousands of ideas from students, researchers and employees at KTH in all areas of technology. Our support is tailor-made for you to be able to continue with your research, work or studies while developing your idea. 

You don't need to apply - our support is open to everyone at KTH

Our support is open to all students, researchers and employees at KTH. You don't need any prior experience of innovation, commercialisation or entrepreneurship - your ideas and technical competence combined with our expertise is the ideal recipe for getting new technology onto the market and creating impact in society.

We take no ownership in your idea, and you don't have to apply for our support. To get started, all you have to do is get in touch. Start developing an idea.

KTH Innovation's support

KTH Innovation helps you go from an early-stage idea to innovation. Our free support covers coaching, patents and IPR, building a strong team and attracting funding in the earliest stages. If you want to develop faster or further, you can also join one of our programs, like the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program. Scroll down to read more about our programs. 

Do you have an idea you'd like to discuss? Send us a short description and we'll be in touch!

Build a team

We help you find the right people with the right skills to build your team.


We give you advice and coaching to develop your idea. 

Patents and IPR

We help you with all matters concerning patents and IPR.


We help you secure the right funding from the start.

Join one of our programs

Get a mentor, access to our co-working space on KTH Campus, or come with us to a global innovation hub. If you want to give your idea an extra push, there are plenty of options. 

Community and development

The core of the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program is community and rapid development. Weekly workshops, access to our co-working space on Campus, and extra support helps you get as far as possible in one year. 

For new knowledge and networking

In the Bicky Chakraborty Entrepreneur Program you’ll increase your knowledge of entrepreneurship and get support and advice from experienced mentors. You’ll also get 70 000 SEK in funding to develop your project.

For mentorship and research impact

In this program, we match KTH researchers with experienced business mentors, who will bring new perspectives on research impact and commercialization and can open doors to the business community. Widen your network outside of academia and build your knowledge of how to create impact with your research. 

Bring your idea to the world

Prepare for the first contact with the international market and follow KTH Innovation to a global innovation hub. Over the years, we've been gone to places like Silicon Valley, New York, Munich and Boston. Come along!

For the really advanced technology

Test Drive Deeptech is tailored towards KTH researchers who have developed advanced technology that could create impact on the market, like biotech, new materials, AI, blockchain, cleantech, robotics, AR or VR.