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Building a team

Having a good team is crucial when you develop your idea. KTH Innovation helps you find the people you need to make your idea reality.

We help you build a team

Having a diverse team with all the right competencies that complement each other can be crucial for the success of your innovation. Do you have an idea but no team? Perhaps you need someone who knows business development, or someone who knows how to code? We're here to help when you need to find team members, co-founders or consultants.

Working for diversity

Equality and diversity are at the core of KTH Innovation, and what more, there's plenty of research that shows that mixed teams do better. Therefore, we strive to help the teams we support to build mixed teams. We welcome all applications and work against all forms of discrimination.

Want to join a startup?

Are you interested in joining an existing startup? There are always teams on the lookout for people with varying levels of experience in different fields, like business development, programming, design, marketing and communications, to just mention a few. You can find all open ads on our join a startup page.

Join a startup

Have questions about building a team or joining a startup?

Are you developing an idea alone? Do you need to recruit a business developer, or someone who can build an app? Do you want to join a startup? Reach out to us!

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Last changed: Sep 24, 2020