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Innovations from KTH

These are some of the many startups and spinoff companies founded by KTH students, researchers and employees with the help of KTH Innovation.

A person changes the face of a Furhat Robot, a robot head where a face is projected onto a mask.

Furhat is the most social robot in the world

An idea during a coffee break started Furhat Robotics. Meet the research team that developed the most advanced social robot in the world.

white green and black flic buttons on a table top

The Flic-button is sold worldwide

The ambition to quit using snus gave the KTH student Joacim Westlund Prändel the Flic-button idea. Now it's sold worldwide.

a photo of Malin Cronqvist

Help to Help creates opportunities

The KTH student Malin Cronqvist started Help to Help, an organisation that crowdfunds higher education for young people in Tanzania.

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Last changed: Aug 27, 2021