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Airmee optimizes logistics

It all started when Airmee's founder Julian Lee lived abroad and experienced the problems that pollution, congestion and noise caused in big cities. When he returned to Sweden, he teamed up with doctoral student Adrian Prelipcean to solve the problem.

Man på en Airmee-paketcykel

Airmee is a technology-powered logistics company, providing a new last-mile delivery standard.

When founder Julian Lee lived abroad, he realized that city transportation needed to be smarter. Cities were struggling with heavy traffic, noise and pollution, while the rise of e-commerce was creating an increased demand for deliveries.

Back in Sweden, Julian started a company with the goal of making urban logistics more efficient. By chance, he met Adrian Prelipcean, a PhD student in Transport Science at KTH.

Adrian joined the company and started building the first version of Airmee's platform. In 2016, they came to KTH Innovation and with the help of their business coach and access to funding, Airmee got off the ground. They travelled to Silicon Valley with the Brighter Program, and were part of Batch 3 in the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program.

In the following years, they tried and tested a range of business models, before finding their fit. Today, they focus on optimizing last-mile deliveries to streamline the process.


October 2016

First meeting with KTH Innovation. They have developed their initial technology, have a founding team, and have secured some funding.

November 2016

Airmee joins Batch 3 in KTH Innovation's pre-incubator program . For one year, they got extra support together with ten other startup projects from KTH. They get office space at KTH Innovation, participated in workshops, and develop side by side with the others in the program. With KTH Innovations support, they started a recruitment process, looked at the legal aspects of starting a company, and received funding within the VFT-1 program , managed by KTH Innovation.

December 2016

The team gets help to develop a brand strategy and an IP strategy. They use the VFT-1 funding to bring in a consultant to conduct a market research.

April 2017

The first pilot customers are on their way in.

June 2017

KTH Holding invests.

September 2017

Airmee is selected to join the incubator Sting, a partner to KTH.

October 2017

Airmee travels to Silicon Valley in the Brighter program. There, they get their first contact with the international market. They now run deliveries for over one hundred retailers in Stockholm. The program is the last thing Airmee does with the support of KTH Innovation.

Visit Airmee's room at Teknikringen 1

At Teknikringen 1, KTH Innovation's home on KTH Campus, you can find a meeting room named after Airmee. There you can see this illustration, inspired by Airmee's story, in full size. The illustration was created by Jens Magnusson.

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