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Degoo stores your memories

Together with a friend, the former KTH student Carl Hasselskog came up with the idea for Degoo one late October night at KTH Library.

The two friends both needed space to store their image and video files. This was in 2006, and back then cloud-based storage services were either too expensive, too small, or provided low photo resolution. So their idea was to build their own peer-to-peer storage solution.

Carl reached out to KTH Innovation in 2010 and joined programs, got funding, and entered a community of other founders. Carl decided to build the first prototype as part of his Master’s thesis at KTH. Soon after, he met Mattias Nylitz who became so excited about the project that he decided to join as a co-founder.

As smartphone technology developed and storage became cheaper, Degoo had to adjust. In 2015, they became a cloud-service company and that same year they got their first paying customer. Now the company runs multiple apps and in 2020, they reached 100 million users across all their services. Today, the aim remains the same: being the best data storage service for photos and film on the market.


October 2006

Carl Hasselskog and a friend of his come up with the idea one late night at KTH Library. 

November 2010

First meeting with KTH Innovation. Carl had begun to develop his idea and needed help with funding.

December 2010

KTH Innovation's legal counsel helps Carl draw up an agreement so he can bring in thesis workers to complete a beta version of the product.

April 2011

The team grows from one to three people.

October 2011

Degoo is admitted to the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program , which was then called Student Inc. For one year, they receive extra support, office space at KTH Innovation, and participate in workshops to develop side by side with others.

March 2012

Carl founds the company Degoo Backup AB. KTH Innovation helps out with questions about incorporation.

September 2012

Degoo receives funding within the VFT-1 program , which KTH Innovation manages. They launch their first product.

October 2012

The Degoo team travels to Silicon Valley in the Brighter program , KTH Innovation's internationalization program.

February 2013

Degoo is accepted to the incubator Sting, a partner to KTH. By now, they have secured investment, launched their first product, and are ready to take the next step in their development.

Visit Degoo's room at Teknikringen 1

At Teknikringen 1, KTH Innovation's home on KTH Campus, you can find a room named after Degoo. There you can see this illustration, inspired by Degoo's story, in full size. The illustration was created by Jens Magnusson.

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