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Collaboration between industry and startups from KTH

This initiative connects industry with KTH startups via thematic events and targeted introductions.

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KTH Innovation generates around 40 new startups each year. Today, over 400 active startups have either come through the KTH Innovation process or have been founded by KTH alumni. These 400 startups are largely B2B and operate across six key technology platforms: digitalization (including AI/ML, cybersecurity), energy, industrial transformation, life sciences, materials and transportation/logistics.

How can my industry company get involved?

For industry, we offer a number of ways to engage with KTH startups, including:

  • Industry Focus: present your company’s business and technology challenges to KTH researchers and entrepreneurs to inspire and influence the next generation of startups;
  • Insights & Implications Briefing: meet with KTH faculty, researchers and technology startups to gain insights into the future direction of essential technologies, such as AI or robotics;
  • Targeted introductions: based on your identified business needs, we make personalized recommendations of startups that could be suitable for partnership or investment.

We welcome:

  • established industry corporations;
  • with a focus on external innovation;
  • a team dedicated to working with startups;
  • a genuine interest in and or past experience working with startups and academia.

Have questions?

Contact Marcus Dahllöf, Director, Startup Industry Program,