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The KTH Innovation Panel

KTH Innovation has developed a unique, web based market research tool called the KTH Innovation Panel. The panel is made up of people who want to share their knowledge and experience by providing valuable feedback on innovations from KTH at a very early stage of development.

Register for the Innovation Panel

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Among the approximately 200 ideas that KTH Innovation supports at any one time, there are always projects in need of feedback on their concept. The Innovation Panel provides a way to get early and crucial feedback from potential clients, users and other stakeholders. The panel plays an important part when determining how ideas are developed, which applications are worth investing in and, in some cases, whether it is even worth pursuing the idea.

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Unique insights to the latest technology

We view these surveys as a real win-win situation. The respondents are treated to a unique opportunity to gain insight into the latest technology and products being developed at KTH. The idea owners are provided with valuable feedback from potential customers and users. 

Web based surveys

The surveys are built around a presentation of the idea and technology followed by a number of questions. The survey takes 5-10 minutes to complete and is distributed as a web form by email to selected recipients.

Keep in touch with the projects

The results of the survey is fed back to all respondents who provide their contact details for this purpose. This gives participants a good overview of the collated feedback and answers potential frequent questions.

There is also an opportunity to register an interest to follow the project more closely going forward for those who would like to become involved somehow or are just curious about the future development of the idea.


Members of the KTH Innovation Panel are mainly from industry and the internal and external networks available to KTH Innovation. One such group is the KTH alumni network with more than 40 000 previous KTH students.

Excellent results

Previous surveys have generated excellent results. The response rate has been very high for this type of survey and the projects have received a lot of valuable insight into their products’ advantages, disadvantages, suggested applications etc.

They have also resulted in many new contacts with potential customers, partners and other interested parties who want to follow the project and serve as a resource during further development.

Can you contribute?

Would you like to contribute and gain insight into the latest innovations from KTH? Have you got the time to give feedback on 2-5 ideas each year? Then you should definitely register for the Innovation Panel!