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KTH Innovation Discovery Program

About the program

As a researcher at KTH, you have probably heard the words impact, commercialization, and innovation more times than you can count. But what do they really mean? How do you take your research from the lab to the market, and how can you figure out if you might want to try it?

In the Discovery Program, we will tell you all you need to know about innovation in seven one-hour workshops.

You will also get the chance to explore whether you could turn your own research into an innovation and find out if and how you could be part of that journey.

You don't need an idea to join this program.

In seven hours, you will learn:

  • How to go from idea or research result to launching a new product or service.
  • If there are exciting results in your own research.
  • Which roles are necessary when you develop an idea and what role you could take.
  • How to explain your research so people understand and want to know more.
  • What words like commercialization, impact, utilization and innovation mean in practice.

  • How to combine research and business and how a company works.

  • How to protect your research results, and what rights you have to work with commercialization of your results in parallel with your research.
  • What funding options exist, for example for applying for a patent or developing a prototype.
  • How to connect with companies and find out if they are interested in your research.

Previous participants about the program

Katia Gallo

What do our alumni think?

"The Discovery program provides a fantastic opportunity to help you make a difference and maximize the impact of your research at KTH."

- Katia Gallo, Professor of Applied Physics at KTH. Participated in the Discovery Program during the spring semester 2022.

Hear from previous participants

Reasons to join the Discovery program 

Good to know

The program includes: Seven lunch-hour workshops (12.00-13.00). One individual meeting with a business development coach. The workshops will be both digital and physical. 

Important dates: Workshops on Wednesdays on the following dates: 7 February (at Teknikringen 1), 21 February (on Zoom), 6 March (at Teknikringen 1), 20 March (on Zoom), 10 April (at Teknikringen 1), 24 April (on Zoom), 22 May (at Teknikringen 1).

Registration: Registration will open in summer/fall 2024. 

Cost: The program is free of charge.

Who can join? Researchers at KTH, from Ph.D. students to professors who are curious about innovation and want to learn more about impact and utilizing research results. 

After the program: You will have increased your knowledge of innovation and entrepreneurship, what is important when you bring your research closer to market, and what support you can get from KTH Innovation and others. You will know if there are exciting results in your own research that you create impact, perhaps as a patent, a licensed technology or a research spinoff.

Do I get credits? No, the Discovery program does not give credits. 

Why should I join the Discovery Program?

This program is perfect for you who are curious about innovation and want to learn more, but who are not yet sure innovation is something for you.

Having experience of taking your research towards the market is more and more seen as a merit within academia. If you have a grasp of your impact, you will also write better applications and increase your chances of getting research funding. Our society needs new innovations to face our challenges.

Build your network

In the program, you will get to know other researchers at KTH, and meet KTH Innovation's team and researchers who themselves have started companies based on their research. It creates new creative perspectives and ideas.

Learn from experts

We have developed the program with KTH researchers in mind, based on our fifteen years of experience in supporting researchers from idea to innovation. The Discovery Program is led by people with extensive knowledge of the topic.

Find the innovation in your research

During the program, you will meet with a business coach from KTH Innovation. Together, you will try to pinpoint exciting ideas or results that could have the potential to create impact on the market.