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Get a mentor, access to our co-working space on KTH Campus, or come with us to a global innovation hub. If you want to give your idea an extra push, there are plenty of options.

Community and development

The core of the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program is community and rapid development. Weekly workshops, access to our co-working space on Campus, and extra support helps you get as far as possible in one year. 

For mentorship and new knowledge

In the Bicky Chakraborty Entrepreneur Program you’ll increase your knowledge of entrepreneurship and get support and advice from experienced mentors. You’ll also get 70 000 SEK in funding to develop your project.

Bring your idea to the world

Prepare for the first contact with the international market and follow KTH Innovation to a global innovation hub. Over the years, we've been gone to places like Silicon Valley, New York, Munich and Boston. Come along!

For the really advanced technology

Test Drive Deeptech is tailored towards KTH researchers who have developed advanced technology that could create impact on the market, like biotech, new materials, AI, blockchain, cleantech, robotics, AR or VR. 

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Last changed: Sep 24, 2020