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Test Drive Deeptech

For KTH researchers who have developed advanced technology that could create impact on the market, we’re now launching the program Test Drive Deeptech together with the incubator Sting. In five evening workshops, we’ll help you examine your idea’s potential and identify the way forward.

About the program

The program includes: Five evening workshops. KTH Innovation runs the program together with the incubator Sting. 

Program period: February-April

Cost: The program is free of charge. We take no ownership in your idea. 

Application period: Application to the 2021 edition of the program will open in spring of 2021.

Application criteria: Researchers at KTH who have developed new, advanced technical solutions are welcome to apply. 

After the program: After the program you will have grown your knowledge of entrepreneurship and commercialization. In a condensed amount of time you will have gained higher insights into your technology's potential to create impact and your way forward. 

About the program

Test Drive Deeptech is a practical training program for KTH researchers, that helps you find a working business model and develop the tools you need to bring your research to the market.

The aim is to support you in taking the first steps towards building a company around research results with large potential of creating value and impact. KTH Innovation runs the program together with the incubator Sting.

A program for advanced technology

The program fits you who can address key societal challenges with advanced, cutting-edge technology, such as biotechnology, new materials, artificial intelligence, block chain, energy technology, robotics, AR and VR.

KTH Innovation runs the program together with the incubator Sting.

Five evening workshops to test your idea

After the five workshops in the program you’ll have a clear idea on how to proceed. In the workshops, you will get direct feedback on the commercial potential of your research and support in finding your way out on the market. At the same time you will expand your own network and your knowledge of commercialization and utilization of research.

Who can apply?

Researchers at KTH who have developed new technical solutions with the potential of being implemented on a global market are welcome to apply. Ideally, the team consists of two to three people, both men and women. 10-12 projects will be accepted to each program.

If you have any questions on whether the program is for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to KTH Innovation on .

Free of charge and confidential

Participation in Test Drive Deeptech program is free of charge. You contribute with your own time, commitment and passion.

At the first course session, all participants and organizers will sign a confidentiality agreement. No information about business concept, technology or names of participants may be spread outside the program without the consent of the participant in question.

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Last changed: Jan 12, 2021