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About the program

Test Drive Deeptech is a practical training program that helps you find a functional business model and develop the tools you need to bring your research to the market.

The program

The program has been developed by Sting and KTH Innovation. It is based on Lean Canvas and mixes theory and practice. Experienced entrepreneurs and experts will share their knowledge and aid your development. The program puts special focus on the challenges you meet when you develop a research-based project towards the market.

Test Drive Deeptech consists of five evening workshops. Between each workshop, you’ll complete assignments and get coaching from experienced business coaches. In the last meeting, all teams will present their ideas, and one team will win “Best Pitch”. 

The workshops

Test Drive Deeptech focuses on business-critical areas: business models, sales strategies, barriers to entry, internationalization, financing options, leadership etc.

WS 1: Startup challenges
– Lean Canvas
– Startup challenges
– Customer segment
– Customer meeting

WS 2: The crying customer
– The crying customer
– Sales
– Value proposition
– Minimum viable product (MVP)

WS 3: Making business out of breakthroughs
– Barriers to entry
– Two careers in parallel
– Success stories
– Management of expectations

WS 4: Financing
– Specific challenges for deeptech startups
– Budget
– Lean in practice
– Team

WS 5: Final
– Pitch final


The program Test Drive Deeptech program is free. You contribute with your own time, commitment and passion.


At the first course session, all participants and organizers sign a confidentiality agreement. No information on the business concepts, technologies or names of participants may be spread outside the program without the consent of the participant in question.