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KTH Innovation's programs

Develop further in our programs

Get a mentor, office space on campus, or see the world with KTH Innovation. For those who want to go further, there are endless opportunities.

Grow together with others

​When you get support from KTH Innovation, you can also choose to join one or more of our programs. The programs give you structure, inspiration, and a clear direction. You also enter a community of other founders who grow and develop together.

You don't have to join a program to get support from us. Our programs add onto our open support process that is available to all students, researchers and employees at KTH. 

Read more about our open support process that is available to everyone at KTH.

If you have an idea you want to start developing, click here!

 Explore our programs

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Develop in a supportive community

The pre-incubator program is a program for promising startup projects from KTH. In this program, which gives you a year of development in a supportive community, many successful startups have started their journey.

Who can join?

Teams led by KTH students, researchers or employees.

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Meet the global market

In the Brighter program you get inspiration and learn about the global market from local experts in some of the world's leading innovation ecosystems.

Who can join?

Teams led by KTH students, researchers or employees. Application is also open to students and employees at universities cooperating with KTH within the Innovation Offices structure. Teams currently supported by Sting can also apply.

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For researchers curious about innovation

The Discovery Program was developed for researchers at KTH who are curious about innovation. Learn more and explore if your research results could create impact outside of academia. 

Who can join?

Researchers at KTH, from PhD students to professors.

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Get an industry mentor

The Mentor Program gives you get the chance to get a mentor from the industry who guides you on the path from research to impact through commercialization.

Who can join?

Researchers at KTH and teams in the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program.

Programs run together with partners

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Ideate is a twelve-week program where students from SSE and KTH get together to form teams and business ideas working to solve global challenges.

The program is run by SSE Business Lab in partnership with KTH Innovation.

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Test Drive Deeptech

Test Drive Deeptech is for people who are ready to build a company that uses cutting-edge advanced technology to solve big societal problems. The program is run by KTH Innovation in partnership with Sting.