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Contribute to innovation projects from KTH

KTH Innovation opens the door to cutting edge ideas and research results generated by researchers and students at KTH. Are you interested in innovations from KTH and do you want to make a contribution in some way? Then you're in the right place. Whether you are an investor, entrepreneur or student - we would like to hear from you!

There is always opportunity for you as investor, business developer, entrepreneur, company or student to contribute in the innovation projects at KTH.

Find out more under the headings on the left, or get in touch with KTH Innovation to discuss your particular contribution. Email us at  and tell us a little bit about your area of expertise and how you would lke to get involved in getting innovations from KTH out onto the market.

The KTH Potential

KTH is the largest technical university in Sweden and represents a third of all Swedish technical research and engineering education at university level. According to international experts, a majority of the basic and applied research produced at KTH is world class.

KTH has more spin-offs per SEK invested in research than MIT, Stanford or Cambridge. The number of patents per SEK invested is comparable to other top level universities globally.

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Last changed: Jan 12, 2021