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Consultancy assignments on KTH projects

Each year, KTH Innovation procures a number of consultants for innovation projects that have secured funding for such consultancy assignments.

The consultancy assignments are focused on early verification of tech ideas, conducting marke research and analysis and initiate customer contacts. The assignments are limited in time and the objective is to verify the technology or the business concept. Most assignments last for 1-3 months but the work load varies depending on the project in question.

The tendering process

KTH Innovation has a database of consultants who have registered to receive information about each individual tender. These steps are followed for each assignment:

  • A request for tender is sent out to all registered konsultants.
  • Consultants submit proposals for the assignments that they are interested in and that match their competence. 
  • The proposals are evaluated according to criteria set out in the request for tender and the most suitable consultant is rewarded the assignment.