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Welcome to KTH Innovation

Are you curious about innovation? Do you have an idea you want to develop, or do you want to find other creative people? Then you've come to the right place!

Anyone who is a student, researcher or employee at KTH can get support from KTH Innovation to develop an idea. Our support is completely free and you can start your journey at any time.

All you need to do to get started is to send us a description of your idea. We never share what you tell us with anyone else.

If you don't have your own idea yet, there are several ways to get involved. You can join an existing team, participate in our events, or join a program

On this page, you can explore your opportunities with KTH Innovation!

Test your idea

We know that talking about your ideas can be daunting. You're always welcome to come meet with us, but if you want to think through your idea a little bit before sharing, you should go through our idea guide!

If you have an idea

KTH Innovation is the first step for you who have an idea you want to develop. You can get started at any time! 

Here, you can:

  • Get a personal business development coach who guides you as you develop your idea

  • Get funding to for example, develop a prototype or conduct a market survey
  • Test your idea in a safe environment with the help of experienced people.
  • Get help with agreements and contracts so you can protect your idea
  • Join one or more programs . For example, you can come with us to a global innovation hub, or get a year's worth of office space in a supportive community at Teknikringen 1.
  • Get help in finding team members
  • Become part of a supportive and creative community with other founders at KTH
  • Take part in our global network
  • Connect with investors, potential customers, and our thousands of alumni

If you don't have an idea (yet)

  • Join an existing startup team. Scroll down to see which teams are recruiting right now!
  • Come to events and workshops where you can learn about idea development, meet startups and network. Scroll down to find our calendar.
  • Join a program that will help you get started
  • Spend the day with us at Teknikringen 1. Our premises are open to everyone every weekday between 07.30-16.30.
Sundar Pichai and Danica Kragic in conversaton on stage

Visit us at Teknikringen 1

Teknikringen 1 is the meeting place for innovation and entrepreneurship at KTH. The building is open for everyone every weekday from 07.30-16.30.

Image: Google's CEO Sundar Pichai and KTH professor Danica Kragic at Teknikringen 1, spring 2023.

Upcoming events

Logotypes of KTH Innovation alumni companies

KTH Innovation in numbers

  • KTH Innovation meets 400 teams with new ideas every year. Around 60 % of all teams are student-led. 
  • 75% of the teams we support want to contribute to sustainable development.
  • We have helped start over 400 companies that are active today.
Beatrice Ionascu

Inspiring a new generation of programmers

Dora studied the master's programme in ICT Innovation and Beatrice (in the picture) studied the master's programme in Machine Learning. They want to make coding fun and accessible for girls. During their studies, they created imagiLabs, a startup that combines creative coding with a programmable accessory.


Reinventing the satellite

Matija and Victor both studied the master's programme in Aerospace Engineering. They started the space-tech company porkchop as KTH students. Two years later, their nanosatellite propulsion system had circled the earth.


Solving the issue of overproduction

Selah from China and Marc from the Netherlands both studied the master's programme in ICT Innovation. They wanted to tackle overproduction and waste in the cosmetics industry, so they started Ellure. Their 3D printer can produce lipstick in 10 thousand different colours in just a minute.


Making local news accessible

Riedia was founded by KTH master's students Xuecong, Melker, Rebecca, Carlos, and Rafael. They started Riedia to help you stay informed with local news, anywhere in any language. They're building a news platform with their own translation software that they say outperforms Google translate.

Impact makers 

Sundar Pichai sitting in a chair talking and gesticulating with his hands

“I’m very impressed with the work done by the teams I met. There’s obviously a vibrant startup community here and lots of great talent."

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet at a visit to KTH Innovation in May 2023.


Our innovation support model has been inspired by NASA's Technology Readiness Level. It is used by hundreds of organizations in the world, like Imperial College and Vinnova.