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See what some of the students, researchers and employees in the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program have to say about their experience.

Katarzyna Sowinska, Diana Xu and Henry Acosta Carrasal

- If you have an idea that can make the world a better place and are privileged enough to be part of KTH; KTH Innovation and its pre-incubator program is the place to go. You’ll be constantly supported by high-end talent in every dimension possible to bring your idea to reality under the conditions and pace that fits your life.

The best thing about the program is how solution-oriented all the KTH Innovation staff is. Whenever I come to them with a doubt or a problem, they are always super helpful in trying to find the best way possible to support and guide me.

- Henry Acosta, co-founder of Your Way Home, Batch 17. Seen together with his co-founders Katarzyna Sowinska and Diana Xu.

Mustafa Al-Janabi, Frank Jiang and Elisa Bin outside in front of shrubbery and a yellow building.

"The easiest way to appreciate something is to imagine what it would be like if you didn't have it, and I can't imagine us getting anywhere if we haven't had this opportunity to be part of KTH Innovation."

- Mustafa Al-Janabi, co-founder of ABConnect , Batch 13. In the picture together with the other two founders Frank Jiang and Elisa Bin, both PhD students at KTH at the time.

Portrait of Xuecong (Sabrina) Liu at KTH Campus

- It is inspiring to hear from other successful founders who share their experiences. It is also fun to get to know the other teams and meet people who equally committed to their idea. 

- Xuecong (Sabrina) Liu, KTH student and co-founder of Riedia 

Hiba & Safae

"Being in an environment with other entrepreneurs and feel that "I'm a part of this" is great. That's really important when you're a startup. You have a small team and work a lot on your own."

- Hiba Adem, founder of DYAMO

Álvaro Morales López

"In the program, we mix with experienced business people, young entrepreneurs, scientists and others working on their own ideas. It doesn’t matter where you come from, we are all facing the same issues and challenges."

- Álvaro Morales López, PhD student at KTH and CEO of Akira Science

Raquel Lizàrraga

"The discussions are great! Also, what’s good with the program is that it presents all the things you should be thinking about and helps you set clear goals from the start."

- Raquel Lizàrraga, KTH resarcher and founder of QM4Mat

Leo Wezelius

"Getting a place to work at campus while having access to so many competent and experienced people from KTH Innovation has been a tremendous support for us."

- Leo Wezelius, KTH student and founder of Volta Greentech

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