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Internships: entry to a work enviroment

Hey guys! The spring came to Stockholm, and I decided to talk about what happens after graduation and where to find internships! I am graduating this spring and looking forward to finding a work placement here in Stockholm!

Stockholm offers lots of opportunities and it’s a great city to do an internship-this is one of the big reasons I chose to study here. So I thought to share with you some tips and things to consider when applying for internships.

stockholm boat view gamla stan
Boats are part of public transport in Stockholm!

Thesis project

Doing a degree project for an office is a perfect entry into a work environment! There is two ways you could do it (maybe there is more that I am not aware of). First, you could pick a research topic relevant for your field of study and then try find companies within the same field. Another way is to find an office that would be interested in you doing research for them. So they give you a list of topics that they are interested in exploring, then you could choose from these. This is a great opportunity for you to gain lots of knowledge and experience. Meeting many people in the work environment is always great for expanding your contacts! Also, it is a big advantage on your CV when you apply for your next job. Usually, offices offer job positions for interns in the end!

In a previous post, I talked with Arnold, an aerospace engineering student at KTH. He went on a two-week research trip to Chicago with KTH. Arnold told me that he mentioned this research trip on his CV, and it was a “ticket” or a big advantage that he got the thesis internship at one of the rising companies. He moved to Gothenburg and is halfway through his internship! Arnold is working on planes powered by electricity. They are trying to create a more sustainable way for us to travel.

Internships for architecture students

Quite a few of my friends, at the school of architecture, take a break in-between master’s degree and find an internship for a year or two. They send applications by email or directly apply through the company’s website.

Architecture offices are most commonly looking for interns in spring for the autumn semester, so I am buckling up to send my applications! In summer time mostly everyone is on vacation in Sweden. When looking for an internship, have in mind, that it depends on the profession when the companies are looking for interns! For instance, in July most architecture offices are on holiday. This means, companies probably would be willing to give work placements for the autumn semester.

sergels torg city centre stockholm
Sergels square in Stockholm

Building a network

Linked in is the biggest network. Once, you graduate, you can join “KTH alumni” group or other graduate groups and reach out to people who studied at KTH and might help you get an internship. It’s a perfect environment to make contacts, build your network and find job offers.

One way, you could search for words under hashtag relating to your profession, such as #hydrogen, which are relevant to your field of study. This will show people who are active in the same or similar field to yours. Even though you send out 50 connection offers, only more or less 20 will accept and maybe 5-10 will be within your field. Most people don’t have time to look at LinkedIn – that makes everything even more complicated. Since, everyone knows about LinkedIn, the competition is huge…

Connections at KTH

It is crucially important to have good relationship with your tutors. When you are studying, start building up the connections. Adi, my friend from India, who is a recent graduate, have talked to 2-3 professors at KTH. They suggested companies for him to look at. It is even better, if your professor could recommend you to the hiring manager, but that is another level of relationship! You could find more information about internships on the KTH website.

Application requirements

1. Do I need a visa?

Whether you need a visa depends on your country. If you live outside the EU/EEA countries or Switzerland or Norway, you will have to apply for a visa. First step is to get an internship, then follows visa. If you get an internship, KTH will help you to get the official documents. Usually, the company that hires you, takes care of the documents. If not, you will take care of it yourself, but the company will pay for the visa.

2. Social security

Once, you get the social security number, everything will become much easier. You could start applying for the number, when you begin your studies here in Sweden. Social security will give you access to essential medical treatments and etc.

To sum up, Stockholm has many job opportunities and it is all about the connections that you make! Working in Sweden has lots and lots of benefits! I will tell you more in my next blog post. Sneak peak: I will tell stories of my friends who graduated recently at KTH and how they have landed with a job. Hope this will inspire you to find your ways how to get an internship and land with a job!


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