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At KTH, internships are not part of the study programmes and there is therefore no database over available internship positions. If you would like to do an internship placement at KTH you must contact the department you are interested in directly to find out your options. Please also check with your home institution that internships are approved.

Note that students with an internship status at KTH will not receive credits for the internship and are not allowed to register for courses. You will be eligible for the student card (Mecenat), and some of the discounts, if your internship is full time (40 hrs/week). Housing is not provided by KTH. For more information please email  if you are admitted to an internship at KTH.

Step one: Finding an internship

There is no project database for internships at KTH. Start by finding the school relevant to your area of studies. There are five academic schools at KTH:

Step two: Registration

When you have found an internship and a supervisor has agreed to mentor you in the department at KTH, you must contact the school in charge for further information regarding application or registration.

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