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Exchange studies at KTH

KTH is a popular university for international students with a vibrant student community made up by nearly 100 nationalities. Each year the university welcomes 1,000 exchange students and an even larger number of international degree seeking students. Exchange studies normally entails studying a selection of courses, not leading to a KTH degree. Students from double degree partner universities however, do have the possibility to complete a double degree exchange in which they follow a KTH degree programme and receive one degree from each university.

Inbound exchanges suspended during Spring semester 2021

In light of the current global situation, KTH Royal Institute of Technology has decided to suspend all inbound exchanges during the Spring semester 2021 (January to June 2021). KTH share inbound exchange students disappointment and apologize for the inconvenience. This decision was made with the safety and wellbeing of all in mind during this time of continued uncertainty. Regardless of the high volume of courses delivered online, a purely virtual mobility is not an option at KTH.

KTH does not defer incoming exchange students to the next academic year 2021/2022. Please confer with your home university if a nomination for exchange studies at KTH during the Autumn semester 2021 is an option. If so, you will need to make a new application to KTH in the spring of 2021.

Your application for housing with KTH Accommodation will automatically be cancelled. You do not have to take any additional measures.

Please feel free to reach out to us should you have any queries or concerns.

Who can become an exchange student?

In order to become an exchange student at KTH, you have to be enrolled at a partner university with which KTH has an exchange agreement. In order to qualify you must have completed at least two years of the educational programme at your home university, preferrably more, with grades above average.

As an exchange student in all subject areas except from architecture, you make an individual course selection and create your own study plan. KTH offers more than 1000 Master's level courses in English. Exchange students within architecture have a set study plan.

Courses for exchange students

Who can become a double degree student?

As a double degree student you are awarded a degree from KTH, as well as your home university after completed studies. In order to become a double degree student at KTH, you must be enrolled at a partner university with which KTH has a double degree agreement. Please contact the International office at your home institution to find out whether such an agreement exists. In order to qualify you must have completed at least three years of the educational programme at your home university, with grades above average. Application is done according to the same process as exchange studies.

Double degree exchange at KTH


KTH may offer internship placements for students from other universities. These students must first find a department willing to host them. The intern will not receive academic credits for the internship, and are not allowed to register for courses.

Internship at KTH