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How to access health services in case of COVID

It is necessary in these times to know how to tackle health issues and Sweden has a reasonably good system in place to tackle COVID-related implications. There are resources available online on and most of them are in Swedish and some in English. In this blog, I talk about how to get yourself tested … Continue reading “How to access health services in case of COVID”

How are the classes happening during Covid times at KTH?

Corona situation has definitely changed the way people interact worldwide. And educational institutes like KTH have adopted appropriate teaching methods that benefit the students without compromising on the quality of course delivery. In this blog, I present to you my experience through this period of the semester, where it is a combination of digital and … Continue reading “How are the classes happening during Covid times at KTH?”

Quarantine days. How’s that going?

The COVID 19 virus has turned the world upside down and every single country is trying to fight the pandemic. KTH being a technical institute organised a hackathon along with the Swedish government and other stakeholders to find creative solutions to help with this resistance. KTH has also shut down and turned towards online classes … Continue reading “Quarantine days. How’s that going?”