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Second Diwali Away from Home

To read about my first Diwali away from home here. The saga continues….Only this time Diwali was celebrated with more people I have gotten to know over the year in Stockholm and thus was more fun! Diwali is an Indian festival of lights celebrated on the darkest night of the year with much vigor as … Continue reading “Second Diwali Away from Home”

Diwali @ KTH – A night of desserts

“You seem to have festivals every week in your country!”. This is the sentence I hear so often from my peers at KTH. For which I proudly reply, “Yes, we do”. Festivals bring us together as a community and a sense of belonging. And this feeling of socialization is especially necessary when you are outside … Continue reading “Diwali @ KTH – A night of desserts”

A Chat With Flavourz!

Hey Folks!! Whenever I see an Indian walking past me, we exchange smiles. Before I even realize, My mind goes zingy, it just happens, especially in the Metros or at the supermarkets. I am from southern India and the other person might be from far north, might speak a different language, but still, when I see … Continue reading “A Chat With Flavourz!”