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Panel discussion about UN Sustainable Development Goals

Did you know that the UN agreed on reaching 17 sustainable development goals until 2030? Even though I had heard about the goals before, I still wasn’t familiar with their backgrounds. This is why, I joined the Panel discussion about the pros and cons of the UN Sustainable Development goals last Tuesday, 8th of December … Continue reading “Panel discussion about UN Sustainable Development Goals”

Did someone say deadlines?

Christmas break is coming soon, but with Christmas there always also comes the lovely and wonderful deadlines in school. This can be a quite stressful time for all of us. But let’s be honest, deadlines are not only there for making you stress out. They also help us to keep track of what needs to … Continue reading “Did someone say deadlines?”

17 Facts About Sweden

Sustainable development is not only about knowing in which can your trash goes, it goes way deeper than that. It’s about equality, health, poverty and so many other facts that policy makers must take into consideration to have a proper leadership. That’s why the aim of this post is to present to you how Sweden … Continue reading “17 Facts About Sweden”