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“It’s been a minute” since you read a post from me! There can only be one thing that makes writing almost impossible – DEADLINES!!! School resumed in August and I dare say, that the second year is more engaging than the first!! This last week my calendar looked like the picture above (actually a bit, worse). It’s … Continue reading “Deadlines!Deadlines!!Deadlines!!!”


Recall I stated here to give the  answer to my most frequently asked question: I applied to KTH as I liked the structure and the mix of courses presented for my programme of interest. Altogether, I applied to schools in the United States, Canada and then, Europe. When the offer letters started rolling in, I … Continue reading “WHY STUDY AT KTH?”

Don’t miss the second step!

Ever wanted to have the opportunity to talk to your younger self because you know better now? For me, absolutely! Ever since I started writing on here, I have waited for the 15th January because at this same day a year ago, I almost did not apply to KTH. Some hours from now, the opportunity to  … Continue reading “Don’t miss the second step!”

Application guide 1: Taking the first steps

So, the application round for master’s programmes at KTH for the year, 2018 is opened! This post is the beginning of many series to come so if you’re interested in applying to KTH, tag along;) KTH offers over 60 masters programme organised into nine subject areas: Architecture and Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering Energy and Sustainable … Continue reading “Application guide 1: Taking the first steps”