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An evening at Gröna Lund

I love one stop places. I really do! Then, when this place includes food, adrenaline rush, dance, games and of course, laughter! You can count me in for sure 😉 You might ask,”Is Oluchi referring to a regular sports bar which also has a restaurant? “ Nope Maybe Disneyland? Nope. One more try An amusement … Continue reading “An evening at Gröna Lund”

How cultural is Stockholm?

Hey peeps, some of my friends have asked me why I decided to move to Stockholm when this city has 5 % (literally) of the population that Mexico City has, and for them, this could mean that less things are taking place during my days. Well, that’s wrong! Stockholm is such a cultural city full … Continue reading “How cultural is Stockholm?”

Spooky Stockholm

Happy Halloween you all! As you may know, I’m from Mexico and we have “Día de Muertos” over there; nonetheless, many countries have adopted Halloween practices like trick-or-treat, costumes parade, etc within their cultural celebrations. In the case of Sweden, there is a national celebration called “alla helgons dagen” or all Saints day and it … Continue reading “Spooky Stockholm”