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Life of a Thesis Student

The final semester of the master’s programme is dedicated to conducting a master’s degree project (or also commonly referred to as a thesis project) worth 30 ECTS credits. Students choose to pursue the projects either at the university or at a company. I am doing the degree project at Husqvarna Construction on the topic of … Continue reading “Life of a Thesis Student”

Finding a company for the university thesis project

Most of the master’s programme will conclude with a thesis work during the last semester worth 30 ECTS. The purpose of the thesis is to apply the knowledge gained during the previous semesters into research work. The thesis can be done independently at KTH or associating with industries outside the campus. I, as an international … Continue reading “Finding a company for the university thesis project”

Master Thesis, what am I doing?

Hey peeps, so many of you just got admitted to different programs at different universities here in Sweden, well, CONGRATULATIONS to all of you! Specially for those ones that chose the best one, KTH! Haha! Soon enough you’ll start your studies and you’ll find yourselves immerse in a dream (now a reality) called, Sweden; but … Continue reading “Master Thesis, what am I doing?”