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A Weekly Tradition – Visiting Stockholm Public Library

Covid is an interesting time and it’s been a long time since we hang out with friends. The cold and darkness make it feel more isolated. Zoom and digital spaces have been the busy corners where we connect with our classmates. But once the laptop closed and the clock ticked 4 pm, there seemed little … Continue reading “A Weekly Tradition – Visiting Stockholm Public Library”

How are the classes happening during Covid times at KTH?

Corona situation has definitely changed the way people interact worldwide. And educational institutes like KTH have adopted appropriate teaching methods that benefit the students without compromising on the quality of course delivery. In this blog, I present to you my experience through this period of the semester, where it is a combination of digital and … Continue reading “How are the classes happening during Covid times at KTH?”

International Women’s Day (Part 2)

Finally! the sequel to my last post is here. Did I keep you in suspense for four days?? It really was not the plan but this week is the exam week for the period 3 and I finally said goodbye to exams for this period yesterday.  You might start asking how many exams in a … Continue reading “International Women’s Day (Part 2)”

Proper preparation yields good results…

The saying that “proper preparation yields good result” is one that can be applied to all aspects of our lives. So, my supposed “first” exam at KTH was for Renewable Energy Technology (RET).  The day before the exam was spent reading (obviously). I am someone who likes to spend fifty percent of my reading time … Continue reading “Proper preparation yields good results…”