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Newly Admitted in KTH? What to do in June?

It was in June 2019 when I realised that KTH is finally happening. The months of April and May are usually filled with overwhelming questions on deciding to choose the university and making the necessary arrangements for it, such as paying the fees, applying for a residence permit etc. But now the reality of getting … Continue reading “Newly Admitted in KTH? What to do in June?”

Newly admitted at KTH? What to do in May?

It is a month since the admission results were announced. The air would be mixed with excitement and anxiety. I hope you did get to talk to the senior students of your master programme during the call-up week in the last month and it must have given you a sneak peek of the programme and … Continue reading “Newly admitted at KTH? What to do in May?”

FAQs in Residence Permit #Predeparture series

This new series of blogs would help you readers, who are gearing up and excited to start their studies at KTH. The series will have blogs ranging from a residence permit, tips on shopping and packing, our experience during pre-departure and lot many things. In this week, we talk about the common question that pops … Continue reading “FAQs in Residence Permit #Predeparture series”

Swedish Resident Permit

Hi! I have been quite off the grid lately and now its time to blog. Today, I will be discussing the Swedish Resident Permit for studying in Sweden. So, if you’re a new admit at KTH, you might find this blog useful. Who needs a resident permit? The Swedish Migration Agency – Migrationsverket is responsible for … Continue reading “Swedish Resident Permit”