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Why did I choose to study at KTH?

When I approached the finish line of my bachelor studies in 2019 it was quite clear for me that I wanted to deepen my academic knowledge and start my master’s right away. I could’ve stayed at my bachelor’s university in Stuttgart as it offered several master’s degrees in the media field as well. So why … Continue reading “Why did I choose to study at KTH?”

Studying media at KTH

After being at KTH for over a year now, I realized that Media Management might not be the most typical study field at this university. Often, I hear people saying “Oh media? This is possible to study at KTH?” and my answer is always the same “Yes, it is possible!”. And let’s be honest: it’s … Continue reading “Studying media at KTH”

How to get started on your application documents

Hi everyone! Are you this type of person, that always does things last minute? Or someone, who really needs the pressure of a deadline to finally start working on stuff? If you’re nodding your head while reading this, you’re not alone! Many people act always last minute, are always waiting for the pressure, and are … Continue reading “How to get started on your application documents”