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Study Spots at KTH

As the end of the year approaches, the focus here at KTH is turning towards studying and working hard for final exams and submissions, the last push before we can all go celebrate the holidays. Around the campus and around the city of Stockholm there are lots of great places that are perfect for studying … Continue reading “Study Spots at KTH”

The school system at KTH

Before starting my studies at KTH the only terms I knew regarding the school system were semester and break/holidays. However, it turns out that there can be way more! To help you navigate through the jungle of different expressions at KTH here come some explanations 🤓 Terms and periods A whole study year consists of … Continue reading “The school system at KTH”

Why you should accept your study offer for KTH

One week ago, the admission results for the autumn semester were released. Maybe, you’re one of the lucky people, that have received an offer? Congratulations for being accepted! 🤩 I’m sure many of you have waited for a long time to finally get their results, and probably some of you are already super excited and … Continue reading “Why you should accept your study offer for KTH”

The days are getting longer!

Today is the 1st February and you can really feel that the days are getting longer! When I came back to Stockholm in the beginning of January, the sun set at around 3 pm already and the days were quite dark. But this changed over the past weeks and it’s wonderful to see, how each … Continue reading “The days are getting longer!”

Student project: Supporting international students in the context of the pandemic

Last semester I have been taking the course “Advanced Project Course” (DM2799/2584) that is a mandatory course in my programme. At the beginning of the course, we were able to choose from many different research projects and were then assigned to a group. Some of my fellow students chose the research project “Supporting International Students … Continue reading “Student project: Supporting international students in the context of the pandemic”