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Climate Politics in Action #2 with Rickard Nordin

Rickard Nordin visits Climate Action House
Rickard Nordin visits Climate Action House.
Published May 05, 2022

Swedish climate policy was the topic for the second event in the series “Climate Politics in Action”. Students had the opportunity to ask questions to the Center Party's climate and energy policy spokesperson, Rickard Nordin.

When Rickard Nordin, the Center Party's climate and energy policy spokesperson, came to KTH Climate Action Centre, Swedish climate policy was discussed – both now and in the future. The students were given a unique opportunity to ask climate-related questions directly to a member of parliament. Their questions concerned both how Sweden should act for a climate transition, but also Sweden's role in the global climate transition.

The conversation was about that although Sweden does not account for the largest amount of greenhouse gas emissions in the world, by exporting climate knowledge and methods for climate adaptation, we can promote the climate transition globally. Examples include political instruments, carbon tax and goods such as biofuels and fossil-free steel. It would thus benefit Sweden to pursue a strong climate policy at home, while at the same time we could gain from importing knowledge and methods from other countries.

Nordin said that if only the climate transition becomes more efficient, other parts of society will benefit too. It can lead to better energy security, better health and can also contribute to economic growth. Now is also the time to act for a rapid transition, not least because of the security situation in Europe.

We had time to discuss all this and more at Climate Politics in Action #2. It is great that these important and interesting discussions continue at KTH Climate Action Centre together with climate-conscious students!