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  • Sustainable planet, sustainable health

    The participants in KTH:s session.
    Photo: Erica-Dawn Egan. KTH:s session was moderated by Karin Larsdotter (far left) and the panel consisted of Magnus Burman, Karin Bradley, Göran Lindbergh, Michael Svärd, Pernilla Bergmark and Maria Xylia.
    Published Jun 02, 2022

    On 1 June, KTH hosted an event on the topic of accelerating the transition to sustainable production and consumption. The event was part of a one-day conference organised by KTH in collaboration with ...

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  • Researchers and high school students discussed the Global Goals during Stockholm Summit 2022

    Photo: Brita Lundström
    Published Jun 01, 2022

    Francesco Fuso-Nerini, director at KTH Climate Action Centre, recently participated in an interdisciplinary event focused on the Global Goals (SDGs). The event took place during Stockholm Summit 2022 ...

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  • KTH Climate Action Centre mobilises forces

    Sunlight through green forest
    “At this point, we know which paths lead to a safer climate. We have most of the technologies we need to achieve the climate goals. Now we need to create a series of infrastructural and societal changes in order to reach the finish line. That is the goal of our research at KTH’s Climate Action Centre,” says Francesco Fuso Nerini, Director of the centre. (Photo: Mostphotos)
    Published May 11, 2022

    Global environmental action is headed in the right direction, but it’s progressing too slowly, states Francesco Fuso Nerini, Director of KTH Climate Action Centre. “We need a swift and radical reduct...

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  • KTH partners with the World Bank in supporting energy access and climate action planning

    Global Electrification Platform, sample results for Ethiopia
    Global Electrification Platform, sample results for Ethiopia.
    Published May 06, 2022

    A new collaboration between KTH Climate Action Centre, the KTH division of Energy Systems and the World Bank will support countries working with the World Bank to align electrification targets with th...

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  • Climate Politics in Action #2 with Rickard Nordin

    Rickard Nordin visits Climate Action House
    Rickard Nordin visits Climate Action House.
    Published May 05, 2022

    Swedish climate policy was the topic for the second event in the series “Climate Politics in Action”. Students had the opportunity to ask questions to the Center Party's climate and energy policy spok...

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  • Climate Politics in Action with Pär Holmgren

    A picture from the climate politics in action event
    Published Apr 12, 2022

    Climate Action Center recently organized the first in a series of events called “Climate Politics in Action”. During the event, KTH students were able to particiapte in a conversation about climate po...

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  • The stock market makes a contribution to climate action

    Organisations in the Re:turn initiative 2022
    The diploma session was an opportunity for the three organisations to meet each other and the responsible for the initiative at Nordnet. Foto: ITM.
    Published Apr 04, 2022

    KTH Climate Action Centre, The Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation and The Baltic Salmon Foundation have each received a third of a donation from the digital bank Nordnet and its customers. On April 1, it was...

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  • We know what we should be doing to solve the climate crisis, why are we not doing it?

    Figure: Synergies and trade-offs between climate action and the SDGs Targets. (Source: Fuso Nerini et al, Connecting climate action with other Sustainable Development Goals, Nature Sustainability 2019)
    Published Apr 04, 2022

    Today, April 4, IPCC Working Group III has released its long-awaited Sixth Assessment Report. The report urges for system-level climate action and focuses on the transformative changes needed to achie...

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  • Communicating research through dance

    Dancers in black clothes dancing.
    The Energy Dance project is intended to help communicate research findings and is organized by the KTH Energy Platform. Photo: Fredrik Persson
    Published Mar 28, 2022

    Is it possible to communicate research through the medium of dance? The answer is a resounding yes if you ask participants of the Energy Dance project recently arranged by the KTH Energy Platform and ...

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  • Call for two postdocs with connection to Climate Action Centre

    Published Mar 25, 2022

    We are happy to announce two 2-year postdoc positions on the environmental impacts of digitalisation based on life-cycle assessment. The positions are a cooperation between KTH Climate Action Centre, ...

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  • ICON Magazine interviews Francesco Fuso-Nerini

    Francesco Fuso-Nerini
    Francesco Fuso-Nerini. Photo: Anders Lindén for ICON Magazine.
    Published Mar 15, 2022

    Francesco Fuso-Nerini, director of KTH Climate Action Centre, is featured in the latest issue of the Scandinavian Lifestyle magazine ICON Magazine. In the article, Francesco discusses KTH Climate Acti...

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  • The role of digitalization in achieving the climate goals

    Workshop participants from KTH Climate Action Centre and Digital Futures.
    Workshop participants from KTH Climate Action Centre and Digital Futures.
    Published Mar 11, 2022

    KTH Climate Action Centre has arranged its first workshop in collaboration with the interdisciplinary research centre Digital Futures. The workshop focused on how digitalization can help fight climate...

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  • New report from IPCC: Immediate action and collaboration needed

    Cover IPCC Sixth Assessment Report: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability
    Image source: IPCC
    Published Mar 01, 2022

    The UN’s Intergovermental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has released a new report on adaptations needed to stop climate change. The report present lifestyle changes and adaptations that can be implem...

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  • Follow Climate Action Centre on Instagram

    A screenshot from KTH Climate Action Centre's Instagram account.
    Published Feb 18, 2022

    KTH Cimate Action Centre has launched an Instagram account. KTH Climate Action Centre's Instagram account will provide the latest information and updates about climate initiatives, upcoming events and...

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  • Meet our new student staff members

    Alma Berggren Ek, Helena Glisén and Oscar Stenström.
    Published Feb 02, 2022

    KTH Climate Action has hired three students, Alma, Oscar, and Helena. The new student staff members’ work will be focused on communication around the competence centre’s activities and events. Here th...

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  • Climate Action Centre to host seminar during the Olympic Games

    Athletes during the Olympic Games
    Photo: Simon Connellan, Unsplash
    Published Jan 27, 2022

    During the Olympic Games, the KTH Climate Action Centre will host a seminar at the Sweden Arena about sports and the climate. The aim of the seminar is to spread information about how sports affect th...

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  • Billions for innovative materials

    three different versions of KTH's transparent wood.
    Three different versions transparent wood, one of the innovative materials that researchers at KTH works with.
    Published Nov 30, 2021

    The Knut och Alice Wallenbergs Stiftelse (KAW) is investing over SEK 3 billion in materials research with the aim of enabling a more sustainable society. The money will be shared between KTH and five ...

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  • He examines adaptations in society to climate change during times of deep uncertainty

    Per Wikman Svahn undersöker risker och däribland hur vi kan anpassa samhället till de stigande havsnivåerna. (Foto: Hanna Kalla)
    Published Nov 17, 2021

    Per Wikman Svahn is a researcher at the Division of Philosophy and examines, among other things, decision-making strategies during times of deep uncertainty, philosophical aspects of worst-case scenar...

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  • Economics researcher: Invest more in the climate

    Electric car connected to a charging post along a city street.
    The expansion of charging points is a key part of the transition to electric vehicles. (PHOTO: GAMMA-MAN/Mostphotos)
    Published Nov 03, 2021

    Larger investments in the climate even if it means less money for other things now, but that can easily profit future generations. This is an important step along the way to meet Sweden’s climate goal...

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  • A new centre brings together climate research at KTH

    Published Sep 28, 2021

    KTH is marshalling its forces within the climate area. The KTH Climate Action Centre has just started to map current research within climate at KTH and is holding an information meeting on October 1 f...

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