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  • KTH Climate Action Centre and RISE hosts workshop on materials and consumption

    Mingle during the event
    Published Jun 02, 2023

    The multi-stakeholder workshop held at the Climate Action Centre house enabled researchers from different disciplines and industry partners to discuss how to address the sustainability challenges conn...

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  • Talking AI innovation in Sweden with Google CEO

    KTH researchers meet Google’s CEO and the Swedish Prime Minister
    KTH researchers meet Google’s CEO and the Swedish Prime Minister at Sagerska huset. Photo: Ninni Andersson/Regeringskansliet.
    Published May 26, 2023

    At a visit to Sweden, Google's CEO, Sundar Pichai, met with the Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson and a handful of young researchers from KTH. KTH Climate Action Centre postdoc Haluk Akay was one of thes...

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  • Supply Chain Hackathon winners crowned!

    Bild på det vinnande laget och juryn.
    Juryn och det vinnande laget.
    Published May 22, 2023

    KTH Climate Action Centre and KTH Foodtech organised a competition in May where students came together to develop solutions to reduce food waste. The two week long competition culminated in the compet...

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  • Student project initiates collaboration with UNOPS

    KTH Climate Action Students at UNOPS.
    KTH Climate Action Students at UNOPS.
    Published Apr 06, 2023

    In the first collaboration between KTH Climate Action Centre and UNOPS, students from the centre are developing a climate action module for UNOPS' sustainABLE tool. The module will help engineers, man...

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  • KTH Climate Action Centre gets funding from Formas communication call

    ”When is Earth too destroyed? Is it too late to save the climate? If not when will it be too late?” Climate Q's is a project focusing on young people's relation to climate action.
    Published Mar 22, 2023

    KTH Climate Action Centre is granted funding from Formas for the three-year long communication project ”Climate Q's”. A project that aims to increase the knowledge about climate action among young peo...

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  • Climate Politics in Action #5 Journalism, Climate and reporting on crises with Erika Bjerström

    Published Mar 22, 2023

    On Wednesday March 15 Erika Bjerström, global climate correspondent at SVT, visited the Climate Action House for the fifth Climate Politics in Action event. Many different topics were discussed during...

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  • KTH researcher in SvD on AI and climate action

    Omslag Svd
    Published Feb 17, 2023

    KTH Climate Action Centre’s new postdoc Francesca Larosa is interviewed in SvD Näringsliv about how artificial intelligence (AI) can contribute to climate action. Above all, how AI can be used to deve...

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  • KTH Climate Action Centre welcomes Francesca Larosa as new postdoc

    Francesca Larosa
    Francesca Larosa.
    Published Feb 06, 2023

    First postdoc of 2023 at KTH Climate Action Centre is Francesca Larosa, previously postdoc research fellow at University College London. Combining Artificial intelligence and climate action research, ...

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  • KTH Climate Action Centre students visit ENGIE in Paris

    A group of five people
    Siddharth Pandit and Jithin Jomy with people from the energy company ENGIE in Paris.
    Published Feb 03, 2023

    The KTH students Siddharth and Jithin develop an assessment tool for energy practitioners. As part of their education, they traveled to Paris for a collaboration with the French energy company ENGIE.

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  • Replacing wood and charcoal stoves in Africa could save half a millions lives every year

    People walking on road carrying wood.
    A new study assigns actual value to the negative aspects of traditional cooking methods in the developing world, including lost time due to collecting wood or other burnable biomass. Pictured, women carry firewood for cooking at home in Kenya. (Photo: Youssef Boulkaid)
    Published Jan 12, 2023

    Half a million lives could be saved each year in sub-Saharan Africa by taking action to reduce reliance on traditional wood- and charcoal-burning stoves, a new study shows.

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  • KTH Climate Action Centre partner up with Stockholm Environment Institute

    KTH Climate Action Centre and Stockholm Environment Institute held a joint workshop on 9 December. Photo: Alma Berggren Ek.
    Published Dec 21, 2022

    Co-creation and new solutions are the focus of the new research collaboration between KTH Climate Action Centre and the environmental research institute SEI. The common goal is to speed up the climate...

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  • PhD winter school on Technology and Management for Sustainable Energy Transitions

    person in industrial context
    Photo: ThisisEngineering, Unsplash.
    Published Dec 19, 2022

    An interdisciplinary course package is launched at KTH in march 2023, designed to make doctoral students better equipped to meet the challenges and opportunities that drive transformations of energy s...

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  • Converting research into climate action

    Hand with globe
    Photo: Margot Richard, Unsplash.
    Published Dec 13, 2022

    Climate Action Centre's multidisciplinary research team has written a comment piece on how interdisciplinary research can be brought together and contribute to climate action on a larger scale in soci...

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  • Meet our new postdocs

    Two postdocs
    Haluk Akay and Daniel Adshead, postdocs at KTH Climate Action Centre.
    Published Nov 30, 2022

    In 2022, KTH Climate Action Centre got its first two postdoctoral researchers, Daniel Adshead and Haluk Akay. Daniel focuses on the role of climate mitigation and adaptation policy in achieving global...

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  • Big interest for the COP 27 hubs around the world

    Erica-Dawn Egan and Karin Larsdotter, deputy director at KTH Climate Action Centre.
    Erica-Dawn Egan, Sustainbility Strategist, and Karin Larsdotter, Deputy Director at KTH Climate Action Centre that hosts the hub in Stockholm.
    Published Nov 10, 2022

    Millions follow the broadcasts from We Don't Have Time's COP 27 hubs in Stockholm, Nairobi and Washington, D.C.

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  • COP27 hub on Campus

    Published Oct 14, 2022

    During the UN's annual climate conference COP27 on November 8–17, KTH Climate Action Centre hosts a hub in Stockholm together with the organisation We Don't Have Time. A series of seminars and activit...

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  • New Report: Digital Reset. Redirecting Technologies for the Deep Sustainability Transformation.

    Report launch cover
    Published Sep 29, 2022

    New report provides a comprehensive analysis of opportunities, risks and governance options regarding digitalisation and sustainability.

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  • New research projects and a new house for KTH Climate Action Centre

    Researchers in front of building
    Part of KTH Climate Action Centre's multidisciplinary faculty in front of the new house.
    Published Sep 15, 2022

    On September 14, all faculty affiliated to KTH Climate Action Centre was gathering for the first time for a workshop and mingle. At the same time, the centre’s new venue at Teknikringen 43 was inaugur...

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  • Climate Politics in Action #3 Cities, EU and the elections with Katarina Luhr

    Katarina Luhr and the audience of students
    Published Sep 08, 2022

    Wednesday 7th September Katarina Luhr (MP), vice-mayor for Climate and Environment in the municipality of Stockholm, came to the Climate Action house for the third Climate Politics in Action event. Ma...

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  • New book about the energy of the future

    Fgures from the anthology ”Mot framtidens energi – den osynliga revolutionen bakom eluttaget” ("Towards the Energy of the Future – the Invisible Revolution Behind the Power Outlet").
    Published Aug 26, 2022

    Researchers from KTH, together with the association Vetenskap & Allmänhet, have recently published the book ”Mot framtidens energi – den osynliga revolutionen bakom eluttaget”. In the book, researcher...

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