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  • “Government is stealing candy from children of the future” – KTH researchers in debate article

    Picture of Göran Finnveden and Mattias Höjer
    Göran Finnveden and Mattias Höjer
    Published Apr 23, 2024

    The government gladly blames the voter's acceptance, or lack thereof, when climate politics is mentioned. But the truth is that our society is filled with laws and norms that some dislike – just look ...

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  • Postdoc Francesca Larosa secures prestigious MSCA European Fellowship for her project, LIBRA

    Francesca Larosa
    Published Apr 07, 2024

    Francesca Larosa is a Digital Futures postdoctoral researcher at Engineering Mechanics, KTH, and KTH Climate Action Centre. Francesca’s work revolves around the intersection of artificial intelligence...

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  • Well-attended workhop promises global progress on clean cooking

    Participants at the workshop on clean cooking.
    Participants at the workshop on clean cooking.
    Published Mar 13, 2024

    A workshop hosted by the International Energy Agency (IEA) brought together for the first time approximately 80 professionals from leading organisations, dedicated to the mission of ensuring clean coo...

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  • New study: high-resolution geospatial analysis for climate hazards assessment

    Figure from the study
    Figure from the study ”Climate threats to coastal infrastructure and sustainable development outcomes”.
    Published Mar 05, 2024

    A new study in Nature Climate Change, led by KTH researcher Daniel Adshead in collaboration with partners at the University of Oxford, assesses the potential impact of climate hazards on sustainable d...

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  • Winners decided for the competition on climate and health  

    Competition winners.
    Then winners and runners up in the competition on climate and health visited KTH Climate Action Centre for the award ceremony.
    Published Feb 28, 2024

    KTH, SU, and KI, also called the Stockholm Trio, have joined forces for climate action. Part of this collaboration has been a student competition with the overarching theme ”Climate and Health.” Over ...

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  • Applications for the Maggan Hub pilot programme now open

    Students working
    Published Feb 22, 2024

    The Maggan Hub pilot offers engaged students a unique opportunity to work with societal challenges for a more sustainable, just and fair society, coordinated by KTH Global Development Hub (GDH).

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  • New scholarship for thesis projects with environmental focus

    Students at KTH Climate Action Centre
    Francisco Campos, Tania Bethoon, Weronika Tuszynska, Victor Gonzales Mallen, Gargi Satish, Vera de Val Wiklund and Mohammadreza Delavar are some of the students receiving the scholarship from Sveriges Ingenjörer. Photo: KTH.
    Published Feb 01, 2024

    Urban flooding, forest wildfires and soil contamination are just some of the degree project subjects chosen to receive a 50 000 SEK scholarship from Sveriges Ingenjörer. The group of twelve students w...

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  • The Handbook on Climate Change and Technology published

    Photograph of Frauke Urban
    Frauke Urban
    Published Jan 14, 2024

    Edited by KTH researchers, the recently published Handbook on Climate Change and Technology presents how technology can aid in sustainability transitions, acting as a guide for academics and policymak...

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  • Research collaboration on AI-models for document analysis

    Haluk Akay.
    Haluk Akay. Photo: Tony Pulsone.
    Published Dec 07, 2023

    A new collaboration project between KTH Climate Action Centre and Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) will investigate how large language models and designs can be applied to policy assessments and ...

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  • KTH Japan Day builds bridges through language, culture, and collaboration

    Participants at KTH Japan Day.
    Per Lundqvist, Pär Jönsson, Akiko Shirabe and other participants at KTH Japan Day.
    Published Dec 06, 2023

    When the Department of Language and Communication together with the Japanese Embassy in Sweden arranged KTH Japan Day on 27 November, a panel discussion was held in collaboration with KTH Climate Acti...

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  • Expanded nuclear power, what does it mean?

    Power plant
    Photo: Jacob Madsen, Unsplash.
    Published Dec 04, 2023

    Hear Professor Göran Finnveden, interviewed on Swedish Radio's ”Godmorgon världen”, regarding the globally increasing interest in nuclear power.

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  • New seminar series about the Arctic launched at KTH Climate Action Centre!

    Published Oct 23, 2023

    Advancing Sustainability in the Arctic and Beyond: Opportunities and Challenges in the Swedish North is a new open seminar series organised by the KTH Climate Action Center and the Environmental Human...

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  • Commentary: Sweden's emissions of carbon dioxide are increasing – how can they go down to zero?

    Mattias Höjer and Göran Finnveden
    KTH researchers Mattias Höjer and Göran Finnveden.
    Published Oct 23, 2023

    The Swedish government will present a climate action plan before the end of the year. The Climate Policy Council will then evaluate whether the action plan is sufficient to achieve the set goals. In a...

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  • Study: The transportation goal is impossible to reach without reduced car travel

    Photograph of cars on a busy city street.
    Photo: Nabeel Syed, Unsplash
    Published Oct 17, 2023

    The Swedish parliament’s goal to reduce emissions from passenger cars by 70 percent from 2010 to 2030 will be unreachable unless the amount of passenger cars and their use is decreased, according to a...

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  • KTH Climate Action Centre at Forskarfredag 2023

    Picture of post-it notes with questions about the climate crisis written by students
    Post-it notes with questions about the climate crisis written by students.
    Published Oct 06, 2023

    Every year, Forskarfredag (Researcher's Friday) takes place, a fair where students from 9th grade and high school get the opportunity meet researchers, and learn about their research projects. This ye...

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  • Dancers and composers interpret climate change research

    Published Aug 22, 2023

    On the 5th of May, dancers and composers presented their work interpreting climate change research for a crowd at KTH Reactor Hall.

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  • A mission-driven approach to Climate Action research

    A scientific-knowledge base generated for and resulting from global climate assessments provides a basis for understanding current gaps and limitations in the research process. Transdisciplinary ‘missions’ shaping new climate research are designed to address these limitations and provide solutions for policy streamlining while redefining the structure of existing research approaches. Image courtesy of the authors.
    Published Jun 29, 2023

    Building on KTH Climate Action centre's integrated approach to Climate Action research, and the possibility to bring together the five research schools at KTH, the researchers at the centre propose a ...

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  • KTH Climate Action Centre and RISE hosts workshop on materials and consumption

    Mingle during the event
    Published Jun 02, 2023

    The multi-stakeholder workshop held at the Climate Action Centre house enabled researchers from different disciplines and industry partners to discuss how to address the sustainability challenges conn...

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  • Talking AI innovation in Sweden with Google CEO

    KTH researchers meet Google’s CEO and the Swedish Prime Minister
    KTH researchers meet Google’s CEO and the Swedish Prime Minister at Sagerska huset. Photo: Ninni Andersson/Regeringskansliet.
    Published May 26, 2023

    At a visit to Sweden, Google's CEO, Sundar Pichai, met with the Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson and a handful of young researchers from KTH. KTH Climate Action Centre postdoc Haluk Akay was one of thes...

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  • Supply Chain Hackathon winners crowned!

    Bild på det vinnande laget och juryn.
    Juryn och det vinnande laget.
    Published May 22, 2023

    KTH Climate Action Centre and KTH Foodtech organised a competition in May where students came together to develop solutions to reduce food waste. The two week long competition culminated in the compet...

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