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New seminar series about the Arctic launched at KTH Climate Action Centre!

Published Oct 23, 2023

Advancing Sustainability in the Arctic and Beyond: Opportunities and Challenges in the Swedish North is a new open seminar series organised by the KTH Climate Action Center and the Environmental Humanities Lab at KTH.

We are very excited to be launching our upcoming seminars series at the KTH Climate Action Centre in collaboration with Environmental Humanities Lab (EHL)! Through a series of public seminars involving an array of leading experts and key stakeholders, Advancing Sustainability in the Arctic and Beyond will explore the opportunities, complexities and possible conflicts associated with the sweeping economic, social and environmental transformation taking place in the northern reaches of Sweden and other parts of the Arctic.

While the Arctic is the place on Earth where the effects of climate change are most dramatic, it is also a region of ambitious new industries and abundant natural resources, including renewable energy and strategic minerals badly needed for the green transition, and the home to indigenous people with longstanding claims to lands that are closely tied to their cultures and ways of life. As the seminar series will explore, this convergence of different values and stakeholders in the Swedish North—that are sometimes in direct conflict with one another—makes the Arctic a region of great relevance for the implementation of sustainable development on a local, national and global level.

The first seminar is hosted at the KTH Climate Action Centre on the 6th of November during lunch. You can register for that event by following this link