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A centre for climate action research

KTH Climate Action Centre is a multi-disciplinary, collaborative and research-focused centre aiming to advance climate mitigation and adaptation in synergy with all the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Students at KTH Climate Action Centre
Francisco Campos, Tania Bethoon, Weronika Tuszynska, Victor Gonzales Mallen, Gargi Satish, Vera de Val Wiklund and Mohammadreza Delavar are some of the students receiving the scholarship from Sveriges Ingenjörer. Photo: KTH.

New scholarship for thesis projects with environmental focus

Urban flooding, forest wildfires and soil contamination are just some of the degree project subjects chosen to receive a 50 000 SEK scholarship from Sveriges Ingenjörer. The group of twelve students w...

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Photograph of Frauke Urban
Frauke Urban

The Handbook on Climate Change and Technology published

Edited by KTH researchers, the recently published Handbook on Climate Change and Technology presents how technology can aid in sustainability transitions, acting as a guide for academics and policymak...

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Haluk Akay.
Haluk Akay. Photo: Tony Pulsone.

Research collaboration on AI-models for document analysis

A new collaboration project between KTH Climate Action Centre and Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) will investigate how large language models and designs can be applied to policy assessments and ...

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Affiliated researchers

Proudly presenting the Climate Action Faculty

Our affiliated researchers are the ground for our multidisciplinary and collaborative research. They come from all schools at KTH and from other universities.

Latest from the media archive

Media archive

KTH Sustainability Research Day 2023

Published: January 12th, 2024

Recording of Sustainability Research Day 2023 with a focus on research's responsibility for ethical and sustainable social development.

Language: Swedish


EU Climate Politics, the Just Green Transition, and Economic Green Growth #02

In this episode: a talk on EU Climate Politics, the Just Green Transition, and Economic Green Growth with Marcus Lindeberg Goñi, working with Sustainable Finance and previously as a political advisor in the EU on the EU Green Deal and Emission Trading System. Hosted by Helena Glisén, KTH Climate Action Centre. Edit and music by Felix Blomkvist.

Sweden Arena – Sports and the climate

Published: 16 March, 2022

What can be done by atheletes in order to help achieve the climate goals? What can be done by sports associations? And how can international sports events become climate positive? The seminar is led by Karin Larsdotter from KTH Climate Action Centre together with Anton Dahlberg, sailor and olympian.

Language: Swedish