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A centre for climate action research

KTH Climate Action Centre is a multidisciplinary research centre where we work together to speed up climate action in synergy with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Image: NASA.

About the centre

The Climate Action Advent Calendar

Everyday 1–24 December, a new door will be opened where students and researchers at KTH in about 30 seconds tell us about what they are doing to contribute to the climate transformation. Happy climate neutral Holidays!

See all the doors: The Climate Action Advent Calendar


Media archive

Climate talk day 2: This is how our climate footprints can be reduced

Published: November 17th, 2021

What do our climate footprints really look like now? What do they need to look like for us to achieve a climate-neutral society? And what would need to be done to get there? Lecturers: Jonas Åkerman, Karin Bradley

Language: Swedish

Climate talk Day 1: This is how KTH research contributes to reduced emissions

Published: November 17th, 2021

We present three KTH researchers whose research has great potential to contribute to emission reductions in areas of society that account for a large proportion of emissions. Lecturers: Jakob Kuttenkeuler, Kåre Gustafsson & Tove Malmqvist Stigell, Elisabeth Ekener och Mattias Höjer.

Language: Swedish