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The Climate Action Advent Calendar

Everyday 1–24 December, a new door will be opened where students and researchers at KTH in about 30 seconds tell us about what they are doing to contribute to the climate transformation. Happy climate neutral Holidays!

Door 22

A Sustainable power grid with high reliability performance

At KTH, methods are developed to ensure a high level of reliability in electricity supply, an efficient use of energy resources and reduction of the use of fossil fuels. Learn more:

KTH Energy Platform: 

Lina Bertling Tjernberg: Viktigaste energifrågan är att få till en långsiktig överenskommelse -  (swe)

Door 21

Goal collaboration and – conflicts

At KTH, researchers develop tools to help organizations understand how their actions harmonize with the achievement of all the sustainable development goals. Learn more:

Science that ‘hits the spot’ for peace, sustainable development

Agenda 2030 och de globala målen för hållbar utveckling –  (swe)

Connecting climate action with other Sustainable Development Goals –

Door 19

Measuring sustainability

How do we know if things get better? At KTH, researchers and authorities work together to develop methods to monitor environmental impacts from Swedish consumption. Learn more:

The Prince Project: Start – Sei Prince (  

The statistics: Naturvårdsverket – Klimatet och konsumtionen  (swe)

Door 18

Sustainability in education

At KTH, sustainibility is integrated into all educational programmes in order to give every student the opportunity to partake in developing society in the right direction. What does this entail and how can sustainibility be integrated into a educational programme? Read more about sustainibility in education at KTH:

Door 17

The Cero model for sustainable business travel

At KTH, researchers develop tools to help organizations create sustainable patterns for business travel and find ways to achieve climate goals while also reducing costs.

Learn more: Cero – Climate and Economic Research in Organizations

Telia launches service for determining CO2 emissions from road passenger transport – Telia Company 

Door 16

KTH Innovation

KTH Innovation supports ideas from students, researchers and employees to create impact in society. Sustainability aspects are included throughout the entire process. Learn more:

KTH Innovation: KTH, the engine of Swedish Innovation
Klimato website:

Door 15

Humans and Technology

How can humans and technology interact to save resources? This is addressed at KTH, to learn how, for instance, transport systems can change to make people’s lives more sustainable. Learn more:

Door 11


At KTH, processes are being developed to chemically recycle critical metals from batteries. The aim is to close the circle and reduce the usage of finite natural resources.

Read more about the research:
The initiative for circular ekonomy at KTH:
KTH Industrial Transformation Platform:

Door 10

Solar sails

Can unconventional solutions stop the increase of our planet’s temperature? Is it possible to block some of the sun rays with the help of solar sails? Learn more about the project here: KTH Space Center

Door 9

Climate Connect

There are several ways to get involved in climate issues as a KTH student. Hear students Sandra Sjöö and Elena Kokkalis talk about Climate Connect, an international project where master students can discuss and learn about different perspectives on climate change from each other. Learn more about the project: Climate Connect

Sandra Sjöö, Student, , KTH.

Elena Kokkalis, Student, Master’s Programme in Sustainable Urban Planning and Design , KTH.

Door 7

Homo Colossus

In the project "From Homo Sapiens to Homo Colossus" scientists and artists explore how we can understand and convey our enormous appetite for energy. Learn more about the project: Homo Colossus

Door 6

Tullinge Work Hub Living Lab

Tired of commuting? At KTH, researchers are testing the concept and role of local work hubs to reduce the need for travel, and to support more local and sustainable lifestyles.

Read more about the project: Mistra SAMS Living Lab 2

Door 4

KTH Food Sustainability Network

How do we develop solutions for more sustainable ways of producing and distributing our food, with as little impact as possible? Learn more about the project:

Door 3

The Smart Map KTH

Hear two of KTH:s students talk about the project ”The Smart Map”, set to launch on 14 December. The Smart Map is a way to encourage people to borrow, rent or buy second-hand rather than buying new. Learn more about the project: the smart map

Sharang Kolathur, student på Sustainable Energy Engineering , KTH, involved in KTH Students for Sustainability

Veine Haglund, student, Master of Science in Engineering and in Education  (Swe), KTH, involved in KTH Students for Sustainability

About KTH Students for Sustainability

Door 2

Biochar (Swe)

How can your christmas tree and garden waste be beneficial to the environment? Kåre Gustafsson is researching biochar as a possible solution to sequester carbon dioxide. Learn more about the project:  (Swe)

Thank you!

Thanks to all the researchers, students and others involved who contributed with their time and commitment!

Photo: Joakim Nordengel, Andreas Lagestrå
Music: Björn Finér

Borrowed videos: Snow: Oleg Gamulinskiy, Pixabay | Forrest (door 2): Coverr-Free-Footage, Pixabay | Department store (door 4): Jack Sparrow, Pexels | Houses (door 5): Life-Of-Vids, Pixabay | Office (door 6): Free Videos, Pexels | Stars (door 10:) Thomas Breher, Pixabay | Batteries (door 11): Tima Miroshnichenko, Pexels | Walking (door 18): cottonbro, Pexels