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Climate Connect

Climate Connect is a Global Climate Connect program for Future Climate Leaders.

KTH is currently involved in an exciting collaborative project before and during COP 26 under the name Climate Connect, which involves students from different parts of the world gathering and discussing climate issues together under the leadership of Strathclyde U in Glasgow where the COP 26 meeting takes place this year.

Climate Connect - A collaborative project between six universities in Africa, Canada, China and Europe

Climate Fresk training for Climate connect students

Running from October 2021 to February 2022, students and facilitators will also receive training from the Climate Fresk organization, and build relationships and skills to support their growth as climate and sustainability leaders.

The collaborative Climate Fresk workshop will teach you the fundamental science behind climate change and empower you to take action.

The Climate Fresk NGO has been working to bring people and organisations on board with the climate transition since the end of 2018. We do this by enabling the rapid growth of climate education and shared understanding of the challenge that climate change represents.

Climate Connect is a collaboration between six universities across four continents, including KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Strathclyde University in Glasgow, Peking University in China, Stellenbosch University in South Africa, University of Malawi, and University of Waterloo in Canada. 

Climate Connecting students

Ten KTH students will join five other student groups from unversities around the world to engage in international virtual peer networking and dialogues that explore the diverse contexts and realities of the climate crisis and sustainability. 

The goals of the programme are to promote international networking across student and academic career stages, and to create space to share and learn about diverse perspectives on sustainability and how the climate crisis and responses to it are being experienced from one region to another.

The undergraduate students will be guided by 25 postdoctoral fellow and doctoral student facilitators including representatives from KTH through five conversations on climate and sustainability, before, during and after COP26.

In addition to doctoral students there are six senior academic mentors through five conversations on climate and sustainability, before, during and after COP26. KTH is represented by Per Lundqvist, President for Sustainable Development KTH, and Francesco Fuso-Nerini, Director of KTH's Climate Action Center.

Each participating student in the project will receive a certificate which shows that they have participated in "a Global Climate Connect program for Future Climate Leaders".

Conversation 1- How is climate change affecting your country?

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