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KTH Industrial Transformation Platform

KTH Industrial Transformation Platform is a multidisciplinary research platform focusing on industrial transformation and the industrialisation of new products and services for a sustainable society.

For KTH researchers

News, events, and calls for KTH researchers is available on the Intranet.

Industrial Transformation research

KTH Industrial Transformation Platform brings together all KTH researchers who, in various ways, support the industry's transition to a sustainable, CO2-neutral business with strengthened competitiveness. It is a challenge to divide the research within industrial transformation into clear areas as the research operates in different areas across several different industries . The platform has divided the research into four overall research areas .

Research areas


Business models

Person in lab.

Enabling technology



Two computers.

Product development

The platform facilitates interaction between expertise at KTH and external partners interested in research in Industrial Transformation.

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