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Industrial Transformation research at KTH

Since 2019, KTH Industrial Transformation platform has been one of KTH's six strategic research areas (the others are Energy, Digitalization, Materials, Transport and Life Science). The platform will bring together all KTH researchers who in various ways support the industry's transition to a sustainable, CO2-neutral business with strengthened competitiveness.

What is industrial transformation?

Industrial transformation is a broad concept that can be studied at different system levels. It can be about transforming a sector or industry, or individual companies. The concept can be linked to new technology such as additive manufacturing or the Internet of Things (IoT) that can facilitate a transformation. Industrial transformation is also used as a concept in policy contexts to create change in production and consumption structures in order to drive society towards environmental sustainability.

The term “transformation”

Transformation (to go from one particular position to a desired position) is also a term used in a production context to describe the function of the production system, which means transforming raw material into a component or finished product. It requires technology, premises, material supply, energy, information and people in the system – and its organisation and management. This is about going from an initial state to a desired state by changing the structure, location or time dimension.